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Slow night

We only had about thirty kids show up tonight for trick or treating. Maybe my neighborhood is just getting too old — there are so few kids and younger families around. Anyway, we have way too much leftover candy. Looks like I’ll have to fight my dog to the death for it.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Super Bowl odds and ends

Hopefully I’m the only one who has heard of such plans: I’ve heard “friends of friends of friends” or other acquaintances say that they will be staying in Chicago for the weekend and just coming into town for the Super Bowl game. Anyone else familiar with such craziness? Are people really so scared of or unimpressed with Detroit that they would rather deal with a 10-12 hour roundtrip drive than stick around for the weekend?

In other Super Bowl news, Crain’s reported that the Super Bowl XL Host Committee plans to announce the location of the Youth Education Town (YET) in November. YET is a $2 million youth center gift from the NFL, with the focus of enhancing educational opportunities for economically disadvantaged youth through the development of high-tech educational and recreational opportunities to improve academics, physical fitness and job-related skills. It is the goal of the NFL that the centers remain viable in the community, long after the Super Bowl weekend. To that end, host cities are required to establish a ten-year operating plan with a funding commitment for ongoing operational, management and programming expenses.

The Crain’s story notes the center “will be in a Detroit neighborhood and not downtown.” I wonder where they’ll put it…

Still irked

While out running errands, I saw no fewer than 6 Angel’s Night volunteer cars. Great to see them but it just irks me. I was all for doing my part. I volunteered. Offered to do whatever was needed. And…

No one got back to me. Yet even after I volunteered, they kept asking for more volunteers. ERRR..

Rosa Parks to lie in repose at Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History

As I write this post, the body of Rosa Parks is being flown back to Detroit to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, where it will remain through Wednesday.

Persons interested in paying their final respects to the civil rights pioneer will have a chance to do just that at the museum starting tonight at 9 pm.

Parks’ body will lie in repose at the Midtown Cultural Center attraction through 5 am on Wednesday.

Her body will then be transported by horse-drawn carriage to Greater Grace Temple on West Seven Mile Road in Detroit where funeral services will be held. Rosa Parks will be buried at Woodlawn Cemetary in Detroit.

Detroit’s Mayoral Candidates: What they said, what the facts say

The Free Press ran another edition of its “mayoral candidates: what they said, what the facts say” piece in today’s online edition .

Topics touched upon in the article include Detroit’s budgetary problems, whose to blame for the city’s financial trouble, and which candidate did a better job handling budget problems (in Hendrix’s case, data from Dennis Archer’s administration is used).

Even if you have made up your mind about who you are voting for, checking the facts is never a bad idea.

How is this acceptable?

Last week, the Michigan Chronicle published a Pro-Kwame ad which featured an actual, historical photo of three black man being lynched. It has made the national papers/news circuits and rightly so.

The point was the “white, liberal” media’s lynching of Kwame. The ad was paid for by Citizens for Honest Government, an independent group not officially associated with Kwame or his re-election. But the ad is an insult to all Detroit voters, all blacks to all people. It was published in the same edition that featured a memorial to Rosa Parks. The allusion is as insulting as Kwame’s father’s comment about the Holocaust earlier in the election period.

How low will this election go?

Tell me..

who should be elected to City Council? At this point, I know who I will vote for in the mayor and city clerk race but the city council race is still wide open. I am not sold on or against anyone.

Candidate: (* incumbent)

Ortheia Barnes
Alonzo W. Bates *
Keith B. Butler
Sheila M. Cockrel*
Ken Cockrel, Jr.*
Barbara-Rose Collins *
Monica Conyers
Tia Davis
Jai-Lee Dearing
Brenda Jones
Hilmer Kenty
Kwame Kenyatta
Maryann Mahaffey *
Martha Reeves
Bettie Cook Scott
Thomas F. Stallworth III
Alberta Tinsley Talabi*
Jo Ann Watson*

To be honest it is a waste of a vote and no honor to vote for Mahaffey. The city can not afford a special election and there is no guarantee a better slate of candidates for that one position.

So which candidates do you think are the best for City Council? Who is going to have Detroit’s best interest in mind?

Weblinks were grabbed from’s Detroit ballot. Tomorrow, let’s discuss City Clerk Candidates…

It’s All about the Candy


Let’s face it, walking around outside, while sweating in a rubber mask, in the freezing cold, the whole time risking getting egged isn’t the greatest sales pitch for a holiday. If not for the hefty lure of a veritable Willy-Wonka lifetime (okay, month’s worth!) supply of candy — Halloween would have the lackluster appeal of another Ground Hog’s Day. (Sorry Puxatawny Phil)

Ahhh but the candy is temptation enough for any kid (or 37 year old adult) to risk a few yolks…

My personal fave? Candy Corn.


I have simple needs, and those are my holy grail. When I was a pillow carrying kid, candy corn were more of a delicacy – served up 5 or 6 at a time in little cellophane tinted packets. BUT… now I am King of the Candy Corn, and I’ve been dipping my paws into a great big (ever lightening) bag of the stuff. I try to fool myself into believing that the white tips of candy corn are non-calorie & sugar-free – so it’s okay to nibble on the ends (leaving the bottoms for Trick-o-Treaters… kidding…)

Now lets talk about the scariest thing on Halloween night….


Any fruit distributed on Halloween is a billboard for CLUELESS. All apples and oranges (or g-d forbid, an avocado! — wouldn’t put it past Ann Arbor households!) must be destroyed IMMEDIATELY.

At my household, we only distribute FULL CALORIE, TEETH ROTTING YUMMINESS…

What are your faves?

Pumpkin fever

Jeff posted his pumpkins so I wanted to display mine. I think maybe I have too much time on my hands, though. Designed and carved freehandedly in just five minutes! Okay, I used a pattern, it took about an hour and I only have eight fingers left. Also, a piece of advice: Martha Stewart says to put vaseline on the carved portion to keep it fresh and prevent discoloring. And you better listen to her, she knows what she’s talking about.

Rosa Parks Day

Over the past week I have been hearing much discussion on Detroit radio stations asking listeners whether or not they think that Rosa Parks

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