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“Congresswoman” Kilpatrick on Colbert Report

(quotes in title obvious reference once you see the replay)

Carolyn Cheeks-Kilpatrick had a GREAT showing tonight on the Colbert Report on Comedy Central. Most politicians interviewed on his show, and especially on The Daily Show, end up looking like complete idiots. She was dead-on, humorous, and called Stephen on his (ironic) crap.

If you can watch it on Comedy Central’s website (don’t know if it will be available or not), give it a looksie. Really funny stuff.

(teaser: Colbert and Cheeks-Kilpatrick sing “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” as a duet…)

Detroit actress finally gets the spotlight on tonight’s Law &Order

Last Friday when I was visiting relatives out of state, I spent a little down time in my hotel room and ended up getting sucked into a Law & Order marathon on TNT. I don’t watch the show on a regular basis, but have enjoyed reruns over the years, and enjoy the show and like to support Wayne State-grad S. Epatha Merkerson, who plays the role of Lieutenant Anita Van Buren.


After watching 2 or 3 episodes, though, I began to wonder why Mrs. Merkerson’s role has always been so small on the show. She was wonderful in the recent HBO movie, “Lackawanna Blues”, in which she won an Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress, and is great at portraying the no-frills lieutenant on L&O. Coincidentally, it just so happens that Mrs. Merkerson will be prominently featured in this evening’s Law & Order episode, which starts in just a few minutes on NBC.

You can see one of Wayne State’s – and Cooley High’s – finest in action tonight, when S. Epatha Merkerson finally gets the exposure she deserves.

Viewing Detroit

I know I have a vested interest in the book


Maybe I’m way behind here, but today I came across Frappr (Friend Mapper). Using Google maps, it allows users to map out zip codes to visualize groups of people — on a local or even global map. For example, some folks from DetroitYes have a Frappr map. Even L. Brooks Patterson is on there (not really him, of course, but it’s funny). Fun site.

Royal Oak vs. Ferndale vs. Berkley

A friend of mine is looking to move and considering somewhere in the Royal Oak-Ferndale-maybe Berkley area. Care to weigh in? Give me the good, bad and ugly…you can only learn so much from visiting restaurants and bars.

I’ll get this started: if he moved to Royal Oak, and Real World is stationed there, he can maybe antagonize the drunken cast members enough to make them do something stupid and get arrested. It wouldn’t be difficult. And let’s be honest, that’s just good television.

Miss Basketball 2005

Grandville’s Allyssa DeHaan is Michigan’s Miss Basketball, the top senior in the state. The 6’8″ center averaged 25.6 points, 9.2 rebounds and 8.3 blocks this season. After tonight’s win (and 38 points, 11 rebounds from DeHaan) her team heads to the Class A state semifinals against Southfield-Lathrup this Friday at MSU.

Other area ladies in the top ten include Sireece Bass from Detroit Pershing, Laquisha Whitfield from Detroit King and Jareica Hughes from Southfield-Lathrup.

I’m not usually into high school sports, but hearing about the state tournament got me feeling a little nostalgic. Not that my team ever made it. But ah, glory days. They’ll pass you by.

Detroit’s Architecture: “Oz with the lights out!”


The Metro Times’ Rebecca Mazzei has a great article up today on a new book on Detroit’s architecture, called American City: Detroit Architecture, 1845-2005. The book, written by a Chicago duo enamored with all of Detroit’s architectural glory, highlights many of the architects who helped make Detroit’s skyline a reality, and after reading some excerpts I now know why everyone over in the DetroitYes forum gets into such a tizzy over what I used to believe was a simple building demolition. These buildings have a heart, a soul and on the rooftops of some of them, they appear to be sprouting a tree or little baseball players.

The book is of course a great read, but so is Mazzei’s article, which provides some stunning pictures of some of Detroit’s greatest landmarks. Check out the article and then check out the book at your local bookstore ASAP!

Time to pay up

Tomorrow is the last day to pay back taxes in the city of Detroit penalty-free.

The Tax Amnesty program, which ends Wednesday, November 30, allows Detroit residents to pay overdue property and income taxes without paying penalties. In order to get penalties waived, residents must pay all overdue balances. Only money orders or checks will be accepted.

According to an article on the subject in the online edition of the Detroit News today, the penalty for non-payment of both property and income tax is 1 percent of the unpaid balance per month, up to a maximum of 25 percent.

The amnesty program does not cover accrued interest on overdue taxes.

For more information, visit or call 877.829.7292.

Rolling in for Super Bowl XL

The Rolling Stones will be the entertainment for the Super Bowl XL half-time show according to an announcement that was made by Al Michaels during last night’s Monday Night Football match-up.

The Stones, who are currently traveling and performing songs from their latest album, “A Bigger Bang”, will take a break from that to play the Big Dance in Detroit on February 5.

The Proper Use for Pylons

Tonight I was fighting my daily battle out of the city back to the suburbs during rush hour. I was puzzled when I saw a police car trying to make its way through packed traffic on my right hand side when I was in the extreme left lane. Surely there must be a shoulder that the police car could have used . . . never mind, the barrel pylons need a resting place after road construction is complete. When pylons are used properly, they block off a lane which can be traversed in grave situations, blocking the only access for emergency vehicles during downtime is scary.

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