Dark night of the soulful city

Well, this has been a dark two weeks in my twelve year relationship with the city. Let’s recap: two weeks ago Pauls’s car was broken into and I lost over $400, then Kwame was re-elected by the same mindless minions that supported his prototypical predecessor Coleman Young. Then my car was broken into on Friday. Another several hundred in damage/losses. But I have learned from some of the comments on the my previous post on the issue that I am in fact to blame. I still don’t get the logic behind it…

Until Detroit gets its act together and takes care of the areas that bring in revenue (read: Wayne State, the downtown theater district, Greektown, etc.) not only will the stupid, rich, racist suburbanites (which I guess I am by nature of having not enjoyed my things being taken) get pissed off; but the “real victims” like the trash that broke into both Paul’s car, and mine will have fewer and fewer cars to choose from and less of a tax base to keep their street lights on and their cousins employed by Kwame. News flash: Detroit is hemorrhaging talented people and its not because of the weather.

Two cars being broken into does not constitute a state of emergency by any means; however, the streets surrounding WSU campus are littered with green glass. Cops are being layed off in the hundreds. Corruption is the rule in the mayor’s office. The school systems are failing by any standard. The city’s finances are a wreck. When I look at it all together, recievership is starting to look pretty appealing to me right now. In any case; if someone does not clean up some of this mess I fear the Superbowl will be nothing more than an after party for the fall of a once great city.

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