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Those Bright Orange Houses….

Taking the Lodge to Detroit several times per week, I

Happy New Year Detroit


Have a great New Year’s Eve everyone (especially our Detroit Metro-Bloggers) – and make sure that if you drink, you’ll have someone else do the driving.


Cheers for Campus Martius Park

Campus Martius Park, Detroit’s new gathering spot, was recently ranked fourth in the U.S and Canada in terms of public squares.

Check out the post I did on the subject on my own blog to learn more.

And a big congrats to New Orleans, NYC and Portland – public spaces in these three cities ranked one, two and three on the list.

Well wishes

I am in Maine on my parents’ dial-up so I apologize for being so quiet. Sadly, I am back on the road headed to CT in a little bit. I’ll be back to blogging Monday when I return to town.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

New Year’s Eve Happenings

Still looking for something to do on New Year’s Eve?

Detroit and its surrounding suburbs will be packed with parties and things to do to ring in 2006. Check out these links for NYE listings in Metro Detroit:

The Detroit Free Press’ New Year’s Eve Entertainment Events

Metro Times New Year’s Eve 2006

Detroit Club Scene

Pistons: Chauncey for MVP

at the end of last night’s game, the Palace’s 98th consecutive sellout crowd began to chant “MVP” as Chauncey Billups calmly sank 2 of his 12 free-throws for the night… Billups shot 100% from the free-throw line and finished the game with 30 points as the Pistons beat the Miami Heat in the first game of 4 meetings this season…

so, should Chauncey be the NBA MVP for 2005-2006??? last year’s winner, Steve Nash of the Phoenix Suns was also a point guard and oddly enough, Nash’s team had the league’s best record this time last season… in my opinion, Chauncey is the leagues best point guard today… the only thing Nash has on Billups is assists… but Billups is continually getting better in that department (i.e.- Billups getting a career high 19 assists earlier this season)… in addition, Billups scores more, hits bigger shots and play defense waaaay better… Nash is actually known for not being able to play D…

however, last year Nash had a greater impact on his team than Billups does now… before Nash came to Phoenix, the Suns were just a mediocre team… when Nash came along, they became a really good team… Billups is certainly a key ingredient to this Pistons team, but his impact on the Pistons isn’t as great as Nash’s was on the Suns… as many know, the Pistons are a team, the result of 5 men working together on the court, not just 1 or 2… with that in mind, i’d have to say that Nash is much more valuable to his team than Chauncey… if Chauncey got hurt, our team would be in bad shape, but that could be said of any of the Pistons’ starting 5…

when i think of possible candidates for NBA league MVP, a few come to mind: Kevin Garnett, Kobe Brant, Elton Brand… those guys come to mind because if those players got hurt, their teams would really suck!!! don’t get me wrong, i would love it if Chauncey won NBA MVP, but i don’t really think he should… certainly, the Pistons wouldn’t be as good, but the Pistons wouldn’t suck without him… besides, the Pistons seem to always need to have that proverbial “chip on their shoulder”… if Chauncey doesn’t get MVP, i don’t think it’ll be detrimental to the Pistons success, if anything it’ll provide motivation… besides, if he had to choose, i’m sure Mr. Big Shot would take a few NBA Championships over league MVP any day…

Pistons: 24-3

it doesn’t get much better than that!!! not in today’s NBA and almost never in NBA history… only 2 teams have had a better record after 27 games…

last night the Pistons put away their latest rivals, the Miami Heat and did it well… my favorite sequence was prolly when Ben Wallace blocked a shot by Shaquille O’neal toTayshaun Prince who took it coast to coast for a slam… as far as i can tell and from what i’ve heard, last night the Heat played their best game of the season, yet they still couldn’t beat the Pistons… make no mistake, the Pistons had to play hard, but we still took the game…

one thing that stuck out to me is that this game was much more intense and much more heated (no pun intended) than the game verses San Antonio earlier this week… proof of that is when once the game was over, no one from either team offered congratulations or exchanged pleasantries… frankly, i like it better this way… this is how it was when the Bad Boys won their championships and i like a little tension between teams… makes for a good series and a true rivalry… some would say that the rivalry with the Pacers is similar, but i contend that that snafu is more between the fans and the Pacers… Pacers players and Pistons players get along well (i.e. – Jermain O’neal and ‘Sheed)…

i know there are Pistons fans out there… represent!!!

the XL files




Ringing in the New Year

Two thousand and five is drawing to a close, but, before the year is over, Metro Detroiters will see it out with a bang.


This week’s editions of Metro Times and Real Detroit are packed with New Year’s Eve ads, so I’ve got to wonder: how will you be ringing in the New Year?

I’ll be heading over to Bookies’ annual Masquerade Party, right after I spend a few hours at a friend’s house for fondue and champagne.

How will you be ringing in the New Year?

Mayor may require appointees to live in the city

Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is considering a new rule that would make it mandatory for all mayoral appointees to live in the city of Detroit.

Frankly, I am surprised that isn’t the rule already.

If it goes into effect, the more than 100 mayoral appointees across the city’s government would be required to live in Detroit. According to this story, most of them do; however, at least 5 of Kilpatrick’s top aides live in the suburbs.

What do you think of this possible new rule? Is it out of the question for the mayor to require that his aides live in Detroit, or is this rule a long time coming?

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