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Top Ten

The Late Show with David Letterman show is running a contest to create a Top Ten Cool Things about having Super Bowl in Detroit. Why not submit some of your own reasons?

Spotlight on Foliage

I drove into work fairly early this morning while it was still dark out. Over the last few months I had noticed that spotlights were appearing in clusters along 94. I figured they were to light up ads that were to be installed at a later date. I seem to have been mistaken as these lights are lighting up trees along the highway. Superbowl visitors, contrary to popular belief, yes, Detroit has trees.

Jason, I am sorry . . .

One Detroit website that has garnered much interest is the Snowsuit Effort website. While no one, the author included according to a Metrotimes article, can seem to place a purpose to this site, it is one that is undeniably captivating. The photographs are stunning and the subjects more so. Yesterday was the first time I recognized one of the subjects on campus. I was caught off guard; when our eyes met all I could wonder was whether or not he was used to such looks of recognition from viewers of a media one can only assume he has no access to. I too didn’t know why the site existed; but, now I do. It allowed me to bring myself to look again into the eyes of the homeless. This is something that I stopped doing soon after frequenting the city, as it pains me that I cannot give to each that asks me for help every day. Jason, I am sorry that I, like many, try to ignore a serious problem instead of facing it and doing something about it.

…you might be evicted if…

[I actually posted this on my blog a few days ago, but thought it would be good for here too…]

Many of you may know that from time to time I get to take part in evictions in the Detroit area. Some of these are quick and painless; some involve a lot of drama; and some are just disgusting. From the dram files I can mention the time we had to destroy a bed that had been assembled inside a bedroom amid the mothers screaming and swearing; there was the time a woman called the cops on us for touching her lawn with our foot (the cops laughed at the complaint when they came by). Then there are the gross evictions. There was the maggot infested fridge. There was the floor that was covered in cat crap (the cops took the cat and charged the occupants with cruelty to animals). There were the numerous kitchens that smelled like the grave.

But what I want to offer you is a checklist for the likelihood of being evicted. If you possess more than 3 of the following: you are likely going to be evicted. (The percent of the time they are found is included).
1. Open containers of grease (80%)
2. Porn stash (60%)
3. Alcohol stash (definately hidden) (40%)
4. Financial “get ahold of your finances” books (60%)
5. Multi-level marketing supplies/product (50%)
6. Piles of unopened bills (65%)
7. Empty shoe boxes (75%)
8. Numerous bottles of some form of refrigerated pickles (60%)
9. Empty CD/DVD containers scattered everywhere (70%)
10. Old cell phones (at least 3) (60%)

These numbers are not inflated for effect!

Big brother contracted by the Superbowl commitee?

I don’t have a lot of details, but I will post them when I do – but…

Through a friend I heard of a new initiative in the Detroit area to lock up parole violators and the like for the duration of the big game. The particular guy I heard about was on parole for an ivoluntary manslaughter beef (an auto accident that occured years ago when his friend died…and no, he wasn’t drinking), anyway, the kid has been on the straight and narrow since released from a three year sentence. I guess the cops searched his apartment and found two toy guns. These toys were the nerf or some knock off brand…not airsoft, or pellet even. Anyhow, they locked him up and are talking about tacking on between 5 and 25 years for this “violation.” There are a lot of details I don’t know, so I am not pointing fingers yet, but it looks fishy to me. I will obviously post specifics when I get them.

Has anyone else heard about any other big brother BS in the last few weeks? I am all about safety and security, but harrasment is not cool. Even if they drop these charges it hurts his employment and I am sure his mental state…

Detroit and Global Competition

With the annoucements recently from GM and Ford that thousands of employees will be laid off over the next several years as these huge global, Detroit-based corporations “re-organize” I can’t help but think that the auto industry is not going to sustain the economy of Southeast Michigan for very much longer.

It has begun…

If you are trying to get around downtown, be fully prepared to engage in some creative detours. The street closings have begun… Also the cops are out in full force.

This will be an interesting week in the city.

Building ads give color to downtown

I like the ads that have gone up on some of the buildings downtown.

They add a little something to colorless buildings and give the area more life.

I’m not sure if the one below on the Blue Cross building was a paid advertisement or not, but I imagine those like the one for the Pontiac Solstice and the bright-yellow one for Sprint also generate a little bit of money, too, which is an added bonus.


The Magic of Local Music

Brett Lucas, guitarist, walks up and stage with the rest of the band and immediately jump into a groove. After a few songs, Brett moves up to his mic, “Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome on stage the soulful Thornetta Davis.” The house applauses as Thornetta walks up on stage, puts down her purse, picks up the mic and jumps right into a number. She doesn’t sing for the house, she sings to the house. After her set she walks off stage with the band still playing. Brett jumps back on the mic, announces a short break and reminds us to take care of our bartender. The band plays out their last 8 measures and its 15 minutes before it all starts again.

Two nights ago, I did something I haven’t done in years. I went to see Thornetta Davis. Her shows are truly magical. If you don’t know who Thornetta is, she is Detroit’s greatest female blues singer. She used to play every Wednesday night to a full house at The Music Menu in Greektown. A few years ago, the place was shut down. Since then, Thornetta has found a new home on Wednesday nights at The Attic in Hamtramck. If you have never heard Thornetta and her band, you are missing out.

Pimps up Hoes Down!

If there’s one thing that makes holding the Super Bowl in your town exceptional its the great honor of hosting “The Real Playaz Ball”.
That’s right, the one and only “Bishop Don Juan” will grace us with his holy presence at Posh Nightclub in Ferndale Feb 5th.
Not only does Detroit get the great honor of Pimps and Hoes from around the globe coming to town, we get to witness history.
At this classy event they will be awarding “Playa of the Year” and “Freak of the Year.” Hide your daughters, girlfriends and wives…
Playas of the world unite!

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