Jason, I am sorry . . .

One Detroit website that has garnered much interest is the Snowsuit Effort website. While no one, the author included according to a Metrotimes article, can seem to place a purpose to this site, it is one that is undeniably captivating. The photographs are stunning and the subjects more so. Yesterday was the first time I recognized one of the subjects on campus. I was caught off guard; when our eyes met all I could wonder was whether or not he was used to such looks of recognition from viewers of a media one can only assume he has no access to. I too didn’t know why the site existed; but, now I do. It allowed me to bring myself to look again into the eyes of the homeless. This is something that I stopped doing soon after frequenting the city, as it pains me that I cannot give to each that asks me for help every day. Jason, I am sorry that I, like many, try to ignore a serious problem instead of facing it and doing something about it.

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