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Pistons vs. the Refs

The Pistons had 5 technical fouls assigned to them last night and have 10 techs in the last 3 games… ridiculous!!! i tuned in at the end of the second quarter to see Rasheed Wallace get called for a tech after he laughed at Z. Ilguaskas for pushing him to the floor… how do you get assigned a tech for getting thrown to the floor and laughing about it!?!??! minutes later, Chauncey Billups got called for a tech for having a discussion with the ref… he didn’t swear, he wasn’t even animated, but he got called for a tech…

Fat Tuesday = paczki


Here in Detroit, Fat Tuesday means paczki, which are deep-fried dough filled with jam or something similar. To the unintiated (like me four years ago), they resemble a jelly doughnut, but don’t be fooled. They are no such thing.

If you’ve waited till today to find a paczki, you could be out of luck. All the best Polish bakeries will probably be sold out, but if you want to try, Hamtramck Star has a list of the places you can get paczki (list). Worst case, I have seen them sold in Meijer and Kroeger before.

So where do you get your paczki?

Photo from Wikipedia, where you can also find some interesting paczki history (link)

Metblog news

Nashville is the 43rd city in the Metblog family. Yea!

Looking for a different view on the US/Dubai Port issue? Check out what Metroblogging Dubai has to say.



after scouring the theaters for somethin’ decent to see, i decided to check out a movie called Freedomland, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore… i only went to see it because i didn’t think there was anything better to see, but i’m really glad that i saw it… it was definitely one of the most intense movies i’ve seen in a while… Julianne Moore did an incredible job playing the role of a mentally ill single mother and the film in general did a great job of portraying racial tensions between blacks and whites… during the movie i found myself having many of the same feelings i’ve had while experiencing life in Detroit…

to me, the best part of the movie was how they pointed out that the neglect of children and the neglect of parental responsibilities are what contribute most to many of the urban problems we experience today… hence the title: Freedomland (you’ll have to see it to figure it out)…

go see it!!!

Found in Eastern Market


Industry Notes Chapter 2

Hey, doesn’t anyone tip anymore? I was having dinner the other night and there was a table with about 10 people at it. The bill came to $250 and the lady tipped $13. Her husband was mortified and called her back to increase it. She said she didn’t think it was required and left.

This kind of thing happens alot. As you probably have guessed, I am in the industry and I see it often. The waitress is excellent and works hard to make sure the customers enjoy themselves and then they pimp him/her on the tip. Well for those of you who are busy trying to make it waitressing or bartending, here’s some good news.

Check out “> and”> Both these sites are a hoot and there are plenty of stories about lousy tippers. You can even add your own “worst tipper” dirt on someone.

Lucky download

Alex Ostrovsky is one lucky teen.

Sometime on Tuesday night, the 16-year-old West Bloomfield native downloaded the one billionth song for sale on iTunes, the successful music-download service created by Steve Jobs et al. Ostrovsky didn’t know it at the time, but he was about to find out that his 99 cents would include a lot more than Coldplay’s Speed of Sound.

The teen received national media attention and a host of prizes — a 20 inch iMac, ten 60GB i-pods and a $10,000 iTunes gift card.

Apple also plans to establish a scholarship in Ostrovsky’s name at the Juillard School of Music in New York.

Top Dog

Think your dog is tops?

Enter him or her in the Free Press Dog Show , the Detroit newspaper’s first-ever contest showcasing the best dogs in the Detroit-area.

Judged in seven categories — Best Doggie Duo, Muggliest Mutt, Best Dressed, Man’s Best Friend, Most Tricked-Out, Best Dog in Purse, Best Celeb Dog Look-Alike — the Freep’s contest doesn’t require that a dog be a purebred, though they are welcome to enter.

Visit this link at the Free Press for more information.

Trouble in Dublin

Dublin Metbloggers are posting about the riots happening in their city. The photos just make you go “Wow”

Dublin Metblog

On East Jefferson

There’s a fire at Riopelle and East Jefferson. Saw heavy (white w/dark gray) smoke coming out of a one-story industrial building. Also saw DFD on the scene and more trucks on their way.

I had just passed the same building only 20 minutes before.

Side note: Medusa is no more. Silos are being demo-d and the Medusa sign has been removed. Where to – I don’t know.

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