after scouring the theaters for somethin’ decent to see, i decided to check out a movie called Freedomland, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore… i only went to see it because i didn’t think there was anything better to see, but i’m really glad that i saw it… it was definitely one of the most intense movies i’ve seen in a while… Julianne Moore did an incredible job playing the role of a mentally ill single mother and the film in general did a great job of portraying racial tensions between blacks and whites… during the movie i found myself having many of the same feelings i’ve had while experiencing life in Detroit…

to me, the best part of the movie was how they pointed out that the neglect of children and the neglect of parental responsibilities are what contribute most to many of the urban problems we experience today… hence the title: Freedomland (you’ll have to see it to figure it out)…

go see it!!!

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