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The ONE Campaign need Michigan’s help

For the next 3 weeks, Michigan has an important opportunity to help fight global AIDS and poverty. Congress is considering decisions that could create hope and opportunity for people in the world’s poorest countries and they needs to hear from YOU! Please join me in showing my support and send an email to Senator Debbie Stabenow; one of the most important people in Washington. As a Senator on the Budget Committee, she will help decide how much life-saving assistance the U.S. will give to the world’s poorest countries—and she needs to hear from you. Let’s keep up the positive pressure: Please email Senator Stabenow today!

I did some research and the ONE Campaign is a good group whether you are a conservative or liberal, white black or brown. ONE is a new effort by Americans to rally Americans – ONE by ONE – to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. The ONE Campaign is engaging Americans through a diverse coalition of faith-based and anti-poverty organizers to show the steps people can take, ONE by ONE, to fight global AIDS and poverty.

If you have about 146 seconds, please drop the Senator a line. Thanks.

Defeat of Proposal K in 2002 is large factor in Zoo’s Demise

Why are we so surprised the Detroit Zoo is closing?

I just received a link to a story on the Detroit Zoo situation from a friend of mine and wanted to draw your attention to it because it offers some insight into why the city is facing the question of having to close the Detroit Zoo in the first place. If you’re livid with the impending closure or haven’t been able to sort through the related arguments that have come up as a result of the debate, please take a minute or two and read this story.

I am not defending the no-vote by the Council on Saturday. Frankly, I believe the proposal that was presented — to turn the day-to-day operations of the zoo over to the Detroit Zoological Society — is probably the best thing that could happen for the zoo in a business-sense. It’s good for the city, too. I am also not defending the city for the horrific financial condition it is in.

What I do want to point out about this story, however, is that the city is not totally to blame for this situation. Area voters also contributed to the problem.

Industry Notes

I am a pro industry person, meaning the hotel/restaurant/bar industry. Living downtown, I frequent many establishments. At times my suburban pals ask me where are some cool places to go in the City. So for those who are just visiting or who might live outside the City, “these are a few of my favorite things.”

The voice of reason

Go read Detroitblog’s February 21st entry. I think he has said everything Mike, Doug and I have been trying to say these past few days.

Damn Detroitblog always says it best! :)

What you could be missing


Click on the photo for more Zoo photos. Also has photos from our beloved but very much closed Belle Isle Aquarium, another wonderful gem Detroit swore they’d keep open and then closed.

Detroit zoo petition – something you can DO for the zoo

So far there are over 13,000 signatures. Please add yours to the list. If you get a minute post here that you are going to sign it – maybe some peer pressure would help others sign on…

Go here.



“They’ll do everything they can to keep the zoo open, unless they want to be like little kids and say they’re taking their ball and bat and going home,” she said.

Barbara-Rose Collins in today’s Freep

So according to Barbara-Rose, it is Kwame who is acting like a child?!? Either this woman has been the victim of gross misquotating over the past few days or she is completely ignorant as to what she says.

Last year…


Last year at this time, I took this photo of the Anna Scripps Whitcomb Conservatory on Belle Isle. As you can see we had a nice layer of old snow and plenty coming from the sky.

This winter in Detroit has been unusually warm, although recently the temperature has begun to drop. There is no snow however. Snow is the only thing that makes the cold of winter tolerable. Anyone else kind of bummed by this winter?

Disregard the following thoughts about the zoo crisis, I am white…

The Detroit zoo debacle marks the first time I am put into the unusual position of defending the Mayor. Barbara Rose Collins saw fit to remind everyone that she wasn’t on a plantation anymore…thanks Barb…got the memo…Not only is she not on a plantation – she has strayed off the reservation. These people are seriously nuts.

Racist Collins said, “‘The symbolism is that Detroit is a black city and that we’re unable to govern ourselves. So we need an overseer, the state legislature, or what have you, to step in and tell us what we must do and how to do it.’ She said she will not sign off on an operating agreement until it protects Detroit’s interests and the state should not try to force them with a funding deadline. ‘That is a racist attitude. I resent it very much. I’m trying not to let it color my judgments, but we’re not a plantation, blacks aren’t owned by white folks anymore,’ said Collins.”

Well, Barb – you apparently are unable to govern yourself – that’s kinda what it means when you are considered for recievership. But hey, don’t listen to me…I’m white, and uh, I live in the burbs…

Close the Zoo? Stop the Madness!

It cannot be true that Metro Detroit would allow the Zoo to close. If Toledo Ohio can support a Zoo (a very good zoo at that), then Detroit has absolutly no reason that they cannot support the Zoo! If the Detroit Zoo closes then close behind will be other closings, such as the Detroit Institue of Arts. Metro Detroit, and the state of Michigan cannot sit back and watch this happen. I have friends and family that come to Metro Detroit multiple times every year to go to the Zoo. How can Kwame state that he wants Detroit to be a desirable location for tourists if there is nothing here for them to see?
Make your voice heard! Big Boy restraunts around Metro Detroit have petitions that the public can sign. And this Thursday, 02-23 at noon there will be a Pro Zoo Rally! I have lived in Detroit Metro for 5 years, and have purchased a membership every year.
My 2 year old daughter asks to go see the animals every time we pass the Zoo water tower. Last month I told her that once its nice outside we will go to the zoo. A couple weeks ago I made the mistake of gazing outside and saying “The suns out, it must me nice outside.” Without blinking my daughter said “yeah, we get to go to the zoo today!
Hip Hop Mayor! Get off the bar stool! Take your stack of dollar bills off the stage and do something about this possible disaster! This is embarassing……

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