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And God Lit Up the Sky

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And God Lit Up the Sky, originally uploaded by mainegal.

So what did you think of that storm? Wow, that was some entertainment.

Letter from a stranger . . .

On Tuesday night as I was walking back to my car after class a man approached me and handed me a piece of paper. I’m used to getting promotional materials for clubs or fraternities; however, this was a letter from the man saying that he noticed me and fear in my countenance when I passed him every Tuesday night. He asked that I smile or wave at him next time, which would be fine except that I didn’t even look at him when he handed me the piece of paper. As a single female I am repeatedly told how stupid I am to walk back to my car late at night in Detroit. However, stopping this would mean giving up an education, work, and life in general and that isn’t an option. Therefore, when I am walking back to my car late at night I am not in the habit of making eye contact with every male I pass. Mystery man, I am sorry if I offended you, I didn’t realize I looked scared as I walked about. I suppose I am just trying to avoid all the scary things I have been warned of and none of it is a reflection on you.

Metblog news

Not only do we have a new city to welcome but now an all city feed is available.

Chennai ~ it’s been called the Detroit of South Asia.. As much as I like Detroit, I hope the comparison is solely for it’s industrial buildup, and not for their immature political leaders.

All City Feed:

Jill Carroll

After weeks of no word on the status of Jill Carroll, it is being reported she has been RELEASED!!! As we’ve mentioned earlier, the reporter is from the Ann Arbor area originally. Great news!

Library Disappointment

In posting, I am hoping for a slew of sympathy comments, however, I have a feeling I may just get a lot of “spoiled suburban brat” comments. I was really excited today when I went to the main branch of the Detroit Public Library. I eagerly waited in one line, only to be redirected 20 feet to another desk . . . not a problem because I was going to have a library card soon. As I reached the end of the second line I was pointed to two piles of paper, one with a 4 page leaflet and the other an application form. After learning that I was not allowed to bathe at the library and that I could possess a knife with a blade less than 3 inches long provided it wasn’t a stiletto-style knife I hastily glossed over the fees section to wait in yet another line. I finally got my not so nice looking card, but I had it . . . nothing could stop me now . . . until I went to sign out my videos (yes I still use a VCR). They charge $2 for every 3 days of rental . . . at a PUBLIC LIBRARY. In the suburbs I used the library because I was too poor to buy and/or rent books and films. I find rental fees at a library very upsetting, but I suppose I shouldn’t scoff at a non-profit trying to make money . . . looks like books on tape will have to satisfy my multi-media needs.

Grow up

When will our city council grow up and act like the responsible adults they claimed to be during elections? Now they want a raise when our city’s budget is in the tank. This type of behavior is what is burning people out and driving them out of the city. How can you see a rainbow at the end of the tunnel, when city council keeps turning out the lights?

Sorry if this is a tad disjointed. I am home with bronchitis and happily drugged up trying to breathe.

On a street near you




Winter doesn’t seem to want to give up just yet. It is hanging on as tight as it can.

As a result, it seems more illnesses seem to be passing around. GD had a nasty bout with the stomach flu over the weekend and I have picked up a nasty brochial cough. Not exactly the funniest weekend we’ve ever had. According to the ER doc GD saw, there is a couple of nasty things going around so be careful.

not a cloud in the sky (well almost), got the sun in my eyes…

when i first arrived in this area five years ago, they said, if you don’t like the weather here, wait five minutes. it didn’t take long for me to see the truth in that! so here we are, after yesterday’s grey dreariness, sunshiny and bright. there’s hope for spring afterall :)

i’m the exchange blogger from karachi until june this year. looking forward to blogging for detroit!

What matters to you?

The United Way of Southeastern Michigan (UWSEM) is currently conducting a survey relating to which social issues are the most important to the people of Southeastern Michigan and what the barriers to success are for those issues.

Yes, I know what some of you are thinking: Not another survey. Yes, it’s another survey. But before I say anything else, I will say that it only took me 15 minutes to complete and cost me nothing. Think of it as a small gift back to an organization that gives to the people and communities of Southeastern Michigan on a daily basis.

If you’ve got 10 – 15 minutes and would like to have a say in what types of programs you think UWSEM should focus its future efforts on — whether its affordable housing for seniors, making sure today’s youth have the skills to succeed, or that fellow Metro Detroiters have food to eat and a place for shelter, please take the time to visit and complete UWSEM’s Community Call to Action survey. The survey will be available until April 7.

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