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So Ikea opens on June 7th. Any one planning on going? Personally, I don’t need any new furniture and I think I may have outgrown the cheap, you-assemble it furniture of the just-starting out crew. Ikea has it’s place in life, but does it really fit with Metro Detroit?

Let the Battle Begin

Its 7:00PM. One hour and 15 minutes from the Detroit Pistons tip off with the Miami Heat in game 5. The Pistons face elimination. The Pistons have only 1 thing to do. Step out on the court, leave all the media drama BS on the time keepers table and play ball.
This game is very simple. Stop the ball before it can be forced into the paint. And shoot better than 40%. If it takes Dale Davis physically abusing Shaq and Wade, then so be it. Knock them to the floor. Own the lane. Its simple.
Take the lid off the rim. Move the ball. Do not run a one on one offense.
I offered myself as the Lions next head coach and I do the same for the Detroit Pistons.
The Pistons are professionals. They play a game for a living. Its time for them to earn thier paychecks. Bottom Line.

If the Pistons loose this series to the Heat heres whats going to happen. You heard it here (Motorcity Vinny actually planted this seed about 2 months ago). Big Ben will not get max contract (as he really wants). Rasheed will get “relocated” and Kevin Garnet will become the new Prince of the Palace. We all know that we can afford him. Joey D freed up enough money to give Ben the max, but has not done so yet. Joe is waiting to make decisions based on playoff performance. If the Pistons lose, Ben will not see the money. Especially after throwing everyone under the bus that he could…

Come hard, or dont come at all!

Petanque In Redford

Since being introduced to Petanque by MGAL I have been playing like crazy.

Over the weekend I played with a friend of mine from Kalamazoo. Special thanks to Joe for the great deal on some Boules! My friend and I are both trying to build up some skills so it we had a couple of close battles. I dont want to embarass anyone, so I wont mention who won.

Then today I played in a park near my work. I think I am going to make this a regular occurance so “Open Invitation to anyone interested in playing at lunch time in Redford (thats where I work)”!

I look forward to many more days in the park tossing some heavy, yet small, steal balls.


Does anyone actually care if Hoffa is ever found? After 30 years and way to many red herrings, shouldn’t they just give up trying to find him? Seriously, if the mob was really involved and they don’t want his body found, it won’t be found. It seems like a serious waste of money to keep looking.

You wish you lived here . . .

Summer is always an aggravating time in and around Detroit with stagnant traffic due to perpetual construction. As you are heading out of the city northbound via Woodward you will notice a banner on your right hand side on the fence of a residential home in the Historic Boston-Edison District: “If you lived here you would be home already.” If I did not already live in the city it would make my blood boil; now it makes me smile.

Photo Repairs

Can anyone recommend a place where I can take some old photos to be repaired? They suffered some damage as a result of the flooding in New England. (My parents had 3 feet of floodwater in their basement)

Two of the photos are from the 1940’s and one is from 1960. One of the 1940’s is a holiday photo of my grandfather’s platoon during WW II, so we’d really like to save it.

Create Detroit’s Connect Four

Create Detroit hosted Connect Four last night at the Hub on Broadway. I had never been and was pleasantly surprised by the quaint venue with its pub like dark wood walls and furniture, its French prints, and modern light fixtures. The event itself was well attended and it is always a pleasure to make acquaintances with the best and brightest in the media and arts in Detroit. My favourite part of Create Detroit events are the fundraising posters for sale. I just wander and dream and wish I could have one for myself . . . if you have the means it is a great way to support the arts in the city.


Detroit Electronic Movement Fest is this weekend. Unfortunately, I will be in Maine visiting my parents, but I highly recommend you attend DEMF. It is well worth the admissions fee. And why not start it all off on Friday with this event.


Fi-Nite Gallery
100 Plum Street
(Old Tiger Stadium / Brooklyn Lofts)
Detroit, Michigan

Friday, May 26th
10 pm – until / $10
Info: 313.790.6323

Guardian Building

Guardian Building

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Soccer in the park

One of the best features of where I live is Lafayette Park, which is only steps away from my front door. It is a great place to go unwind after a long day at the work and it’s open space offers a great place to kick a soccer ball around. Tonight, my boyfriend and I did just that as an alternative to the gym.

We had just barely begun passing the ball around when some boys asked if they could join us. They had been hoping to play basketball in the park, but the court was being used. As we passed the ball back and forth, it was obvious some had never played. But man, did they put their hearts into it. At one point, my boyfriend did some fancy footwork to flick the ball behind him. Impressed oohs and aahs were heard and then my boyfriend showed the boys how to do it. It took a bit but they all tried and figured it out.

Before we knew it, it was time for us to come in (so I could finish my homework). Instead of leaving the boys high and dry, we left the soccer ball with them. They were just enjoying the game too much to take it away from them. We can replace a soccer ball but we can’t replace sharing our love of soccer with a younger generation. That is way more important.

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