Websters describes the word soul mate as a “person temperamentally suited to another.” By the way it is interesting to note that the expression was first used in 1822. What, there weren’t any soul mates on the planet till’ then??

We’ve all been to the personals web sites like either just browsing or actually posting your profile and looking for love on line. What I find interesting is all the women who say “searching for my soul mate.” Well, what exactly is that and how will you know? Why do these women have to have an agenda? Can’t you just go out for dinner, have a few drinks and enjoy each others company. It won’t mean you’re going steady, right?

My experience has been that soul mates are dangerous. It all starts out great and your in love and seeing each other all the time and then, pow, for whatever reason it all crashes and burns. One day your whispering in her ear, “oh (insert name here), I love a you so mucha!” The next day it’s (repeat in a whining voice) “Why didn’t you call me?” or “Where were you last night?”
I was dating a soul mate one time and she said she was going out to dinner with a client that night and would be home late. Then I see her on TV later at the Tigers game. Normally I wouldn’t mind that much but it was game five of the 84′ World Series and they WON THAT NIGHT!! What the

So what have I learned? When I think she is the ONE I take it very slow. Like dipping your big toe in the pool before you jump in. Take it as slow as a convict would eat his last meal before being fried in the electric chair because if you don’t, that’s exactly how it will feel when it all goes bad.

For a humerous view of soul mates check out

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