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Last-minute summer activities

It’s hard to believe that school starts back up in 4 weeks for most Southeastern Michigan students and teachers. I’m not in school anymore so it really doesn’t make that big of a difference for me; but, in my mind, the start of the school year generally means summer is almost over.

It also means that I’ve only got a few more weeks to do the remainder of the Detroit-themed activities on my summer to-do list, which include attending one of the free Sunday evening concerts on Belle Isle, spending a lunch hour in Campus Martius Park for one of the live jazz performances, and boarding Diamond Jacks or the Detroit Princess Riverboat for a cruise down the Detroit River.

Broderick Whales Get Covered With Ad

Whether you love or hate he whales see on the David Broderick Tower by artist Wyland, they are now covered.

On Sunday, the whale mural was suddenly covered with an ad for Jeep vehicles. The ad was hoisted up completely covering the face of the East side elevation of the mural. Word is that the ad will provide $600,000 to go toward the restoration of the building into lofts.

Even though I never found the whales attractive at all, they sure look better then this ad. It has a poor choice of colors, and elements, not to mention the skyline is mirrored. I am all for the mural being covered for a short time if it helps cover renovation.

Detroit Grand Prix

Roger Penske for Mayor!

Roger Penske is preparing a presentation for Mayor Kilpatrick and the City Council that will lay out Penske’s plan for bringing open wheeled IRL racing back to Belle Isle.
Penske has already conducted a tour of the old raceway on Belle Isle for some IRL members. Penske is very devoted to bringing business and a bright future to Detroit.

Penske was on the Superbowl board and is heavily involved, if not in charge, of a riverfront development that will bring condos and storefronts to the Detroit River front.

The addition of this yearly race, The Detroit Grand Prix, would be outstanding. Not only would there be a valuable use of Belle Isle, the race would bring a lot of business and excitement to Detroit. The Motor City deserves such an event.

Thanks Mr. Penske for seeing the bright potential of Detroit!

Dominator back in the “D”

The Detroit Red Wings have made a Goaltender move. And it’s very controversial. The Red Wings signed Dominic Hasek to one year $750000.
This signing is controversial for 3 reasons.
One, Dominic is 41 years old. That’s old!
Two, There are about 4 goaltenders with winning records available for the amount of money they spent on Dominic.
Three, Dominic hurt his groin just before the playoff last year, he didn’t make it into the post season.

A positive spin on this signing?
Jason Howard is a young goalie (#3) with a ton of potential. He could learn a lot from a veteran keeper like Dominic.

I really can’t wait to see how this plays out!

Sneaky Parking Meters

Of course the city’s website does not have a picture of them, nor do I as yet, but they are in place in midtown and may cost you a lot of money if you are not careful. These little blue and gray boxes are replacing parking meters and it is up to you to make sure to seek out the box, figure out which space you are in – which they say is on a pole but I’ve seen it merely on the curb, pay the appropriate amount, get a print out, go back to your car, stick it on the dash, and hope that you put on the right amount of money. This seems much more complicated than pulling up to a meter, depositing money to keep it from flashing. While it is more complicated for the user, it will be easier for the city and you can use plastic instead of fumbling for quarters. All I know is that when I was in Toronto I wasn’t aware of this system and was fined . . . I have a feeling that the city will see a spike in tickets from people like me who are ecstatic that there is no parking meter where there once was.

Brick, how I have missed you . . .

Scarab Club

I am now back in Detroit after nearly a month and a half of living out of a suitcase. I thank the cities of New Orleans, New Delhi, and Palo Alto, California for their hospitality and memories. However, the odd thing I missed the most was the brick buildings. While the southern states are lovely, architecture in stucco just does not hold the same place in my heart that brownstone does.

Field of Dreams

after spending some quality time downtown over the weekend, it was impossible not to notice all the cranes on the horizon and the development of new buildings (not to mention the redevelopment of old ones)… walking down Washington i took a look at the construction they’re doing on the Book-Cadillac, which is just one of 4 or 5 new hotels coming to the D… over in Brush Park they’re putting up the Garden Lofts rather quickly, which is just one of the dozens of lofts and condos popping up near the downtown area… seeing all this development is very exciting… but in the back of my mind, i can’t help but wonder: where are all these people coming from???

Calling all photo buffs

Good with a camera?

Then consider entering the Great Detroit Photo Contest put on by the Detroit News, WWJ and WXYZ-Channel 7.

90+ degrees and 100% humidity

that’s the forecast for most of this weekend… so where do Detroiters go when the weather gets like this??? to the beach??? to the pool??? if so, which beach??? which pool???

i wish i could run through a sprinkler in my yard… but i need a yard first…

Tiger Train

The Illitches and Amtrak have teamed up with DDOT to lure more suburbanites to the D for Tiger’s Games. According to an article, suburbanites can board an Amtrak train stopping in Pontiac, Birmingham and Royal Oak that goes to New Center. From New Center they can take a DDOT bus right up to Comerica Park. For $29, you get all that air-conditioned transportation on top of a right field box seat and a food voucher for refreshments.

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