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W covering the D

In September 2006’s issue of W magazine, there is a 55 page spread on the D, with its cover reading “Motown Hit: Kate Moss & Bruce Weber do Detroit”. The spread includes some really great fashion shoots on Belle Isle and in the DIA, pictures of familiar scenes around the city, and tributes to the legends of the city. I would strongly recommend picking it up to take a look. The opening reads: “Welcome to the Motor City: Detroit is coming back to life, reborn as one of the most vibrant cities in the world. So Bruce Weber and Kate Moss went off to sample a little Motown magic. They got a lot.”

Noguchi Fountain Re-Opens with Ceremony

The Noguchi Fountain at Hart Plaza has been restored with many patterns of water and new lighting. At a ceremoy at around 5:30, the fountain was turned back on. New controls were installed by Johnson Controls.

Now my question is, will the fountain actually work as it was designed originally? Ever since it was built, it has been “broken.” That is, it never functioned as intended.

Bates found guilty

Following a six-day trial and a day-and-a-half of deliberations, a 12-person jury in Detroit announced verdicts earlier today in the federal charges brought against former Detroit City Council member Alonzo Bates in November 2005.

Jurors found Bates guilty on one count of bank fraud and four counts of stealing public money, but could not come to a unanimous decision on the extortion charge – which alleged Bates used his office to get a replacement roof and rebuilt chimney on his Detroit home. The judge dismissed the extortion charge, calling it a mistrial.

Profiling Detroit’s SWAT team

The Free Press reported today that Detroit’s Special Weapons and Tactics officers will be featured on A&E’s SWAT series starting October 5.

Currently, the show focuses on Dallas’ SWAT team, following specific officers on missions and giving viewers a bird’s-eye view of the types of things — drug raids, hostage rescues — the members of this elite unit face ever day – both on the job and off.

Blogging Nation

I’m suprised no one mentioned this…

About a week ago the Detroit News ran an article on Metro Detroit bloggers. Featured, with her picture and all is our own Girl In The D, Jaime.

For most bloggers the practice isn’t about making money. Nor is it about attracting a huge audience — although that can be rewarding, too. Rather, the rewards tend to be much more personal.

[Jaime] Pfeffer, author of the blog that chronicles positive happenings in Detroit, finds it a way to explore her creative side. She works for a retirement planning firm during the day and blogs at night.

“I really kind of turn into a different person,” she said.

You can read the article in full here.

Arts, Beats and Eats VS. Detroit Jazz Fest

when i used to live in the ‘burbs, going to the Arts, Beats and Eats festival up in Pontiac was the festival to go to, but now that i live in the city, i don’t even consider heading out there in light of the Detroit Jazz Festival… having gone to both, they have totally different feels… ABE is a whole bunch of stuff (hence the name) where DJF is like a certain type of music with some food… i’ll take the DJF over the ABE anyday… better music (IMO) and Pontiac ain’t got nothin’ on the D…

so what are your guys’ thoughts on these festivals??? does anyone go to both??? which one do you prefer??? i wish they didn’t put them on the same weekend because maybe more people would go to both if they were on different weekends???

Two Days of Traffic Insanity!

Yesterday during rush hour there was a fatal accident on I-75 Northbound at Mack that caused a traffic catastrophe along I-75, I-95, and even to I-96. I was trying to make my way back in town from a business trip out to Kalamazoo and got stuck in the M-14 traffic, then the I-96 traffic, then the I-94 traffic. Who would have thought it would take longer for me to get from Ann Arbor to Detroit than to get from Kalamazoo to Ann Arbor?

This morning, a gravel truck overturned at I-94 closing the freeway and causing major backups on I-94 and heavy traffic on the otherwise smooth sailing I-96. I can’t imagine trying to get to the airport from the east side of town this morning. This accident caused heavy traffic on all the other freeways and caused a whole handful of accidents on 696 and 96 this morning as well.


Schoolteachers, Jazz, and people on tightropes

There is so much going on in Detroit that nobody has posted about yet. Therefore, this is Detroit Metblogs first ever SUPER POST. Read more for all of it!

Detroit Parks

Some key recommendations from the West Riverside planning meeting included possibly moving Riverside Park from its current location next to the Ambassador Bridge, closer to downtown. I was shocked that I didn’t know of its existence and plan on trekking down there this weekend. The residents from that area were not happy at all with that proposal, which I can understand. I naively asked why they just could not build another park and the answer was that Detroit’s parks are underserved as it is. Another recommendation was the possibility of extending Rosa Parks Blvd down to a monument and/or park like Campus Martius at the river. All the plans sound lovely to me but I am trying not to get too excited as we yet to get investors.

The Power of Water

The public meeting for the development of the West Riverfront (there is a good map on the Corktown site) was held from 6-8 last night at the Wayne County Community College. It was a great presentation that encouraged discussion and suggestions from attendees. Consulting has been undertaken by key stakeholders of the land in question, plus by the City of Detroit, as two of the largest landowners are considering selling. At the beginning of the presentation portions of other large cities were superimposed on the area in question. Among them was a portion of Downtown Toronto. I was born in the Toronto area and remember people telling me to go straight to Young Street to shop by daylight and come straight back home. Now one cannot step foot into the city without at least half a million. This is a city that refocused its attention on redeveloping the waterfront. Things progressed from there. I have seen that city grow before my eyes, and I think a lot of the same can happen in Detroit. Apparently in Seoul, Korea there was a highway built over a creek. The highway was then torn down and a manmade river was made and housing and retail exploded on its banks. Not everyone can live on the water, but waterfront retail, recreation, and access can be enjoyed by all. Water creates a perception of value which brings investors into the city. We have this resource; let us make the best of it.

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