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Good grades for the D’

John Gallagher has a great article in this mornings Free Press on downtown’s progress since SBXL. Although I disagree on some of the grades he has awarded, for the most part he is right on. The story confirms my opinions that we are on the right track. Steady at the helm and keep up the good work boys. . .

White’s new digs

Most of us are aware that during the past 6 months, Detroit-rocker Jack White moved to Nashville and put his Indian Village home up for sale.

Kelly from Nashville tipped me off on Jack White’s new digs, a 1910 white colonial in the tiny suburb of Oak Hill near Nashville.

After reviewing stats on Oak Hill – the population was 4,629 in 2003 – White’s new city is nothing like Detroit – or the rocker’s eccentric, larger-than-life personality.

Anyone want to place bets on how long White stays in this sleepy town?

free at the DHM

just got back from the newly renovated Detroit Historical Museum… not too shabby…but it’s prolly best to say, not as shabby… as in, not as shabby as it was before… it’s basically been updated and it’s nice because things work when you press the button for them and stuff that needed fixing before got fixed… there was a decent crowd this afternoon and i hope that a lot of people come out to see it… it’s worth the visit…

my favorite part about the museum is right when you walk in, there’s an exhibit about Detroit’s “Fab Five”, referring Detroit’s top 5 musical recording artists (Eminem, Aretha Franklin, Derrick May, Bob Seger and Stevie Wonder)… it’s prolly my favorite part because it’s the most current… i was hoping that they would reactivate the Assembly Line exhibit, but they didn’t… and i was hoping that they’d do more with the Old Streets of Detroit, but they just cleaned it up and i think it was a little less interactive…

out of the three museums in Midtown, the DHM is prolly my least favorite… the DIA is just awesome (even as it’s under it’s own renovations) and the Museum of African-American History is pretty impressive… still, the DHM is worth seeing, especially if you haven’t been yet… also, remember that admission is free all this weekend , along with the fact that they’re giving out free Coneys, Better Made Chips, Sander’s Hot Fudge Sundaes and Faygo pop from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m all this weekend….

checkout their site at

Detroit Rising

I have never met Brandon Dolly but I would like to. He has a terrific site that promotes the City that is so engrossing and entertaining you could leave a groove in your mouse pad.

A Major Annoyance

This has been driving me nuts ever since I moved into the city. This goes out to mostly suburban folk, but also cityfolk. Just because you are in the city of Detroit and parking may not necessarily be heavily enforced does not mean that you can park your car wherever you like, believe it or not. This includes the following locations:

  • Curbs/Sidewalks
  • In front of driveways
  • Handicapped spots (I’ve seen this frequently!)

  • Building Parking lots that say PASSES ONLY

    God knows we have enough parking garages & parking meters in this city – USE THEM. Parking illegally in the city is just being a jerk because honest folks like me who pay for a parking spot can’t use them and end up waiting in our cars for 45 minutes for one of you lazy jerks to leave.

  • Out of the Ghetto and into Suburbia

    Yesterday I attended a session entitled “The Challenge of the Black Ghetto” where Alexander Polikoff, author of “Waiting for Gautreaux: A Story of Segregation, Housing and the Black Ghetto”, spoke at the Richard C. Van Dusen Forum on Urban Issues at Wayne State University’s McGregor Memorial Conference Center. The session was well attended and began with an overview of Detroit’s racial, socioeconomic, and historical context. Polikoff spoke of the Gautreaux project in Chicago where approximately 8000 families over 20 years were taken out of the Ghetto and given the chance to prosper in more affluent suburbs. Polikoff calls for the Universities in Detroit to begin a dialogue and research into whether or not such a system would be feasible here in Detroit. Polikoff made a point that society accepts Ghettos as a permanent fixture in our cityscape. It can and has to change.

    Go for the View

    Even if you do not like baseball I would highly recommend attending a game to take in the stunning views of the city. There are sit down restaurants from where you can enjoy the game or just the city at your feet. Comerica Park’s location is incredible to view the city at sunset. If you get up high enough you can pet the giant tigers that guard its gateways.

    Victory Racket

    I love that hockey season has started up again as I live next to Joe Louis Arena. It made me happy to hear a racket of blaring horns last night indicating that the city had yet another victory to celebrate.

    My Fair Lady

    At the Starlight Theater The next production is My Fair Lady!

    Cass Avenue

    Cass Avenue is not known for being the safest place to walk at night in downtown Detroit. I recently had an experience that changed my view of who walks the ave…

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