So, apparently Wayne State is back in session today since the roads were packed with cars and the sidewalks with pedestrians. Driving home from work, down Cass, I was trying to figure out what was going on. Good for them, best of luck to the WSU Students out there this semester.

The Detroit School District Saga continues. The teachers and administration went to court today – the administration was hoping to get a ruling ordering the teachers back to work, but the judge ruled to continue negotiations (which failed). Now, there’s talk of the county (via WCCC) opening up an “alternate” public school system while the teachers and administration continue to bicker.

I’m not surprised the judge ruled this way – Detroit is a Union town at heart, but this whole situation bodes poorly for city, especially the students who haven’t enrolled in private or charter schools yet. The teachers, in the long run, don’t have anything to lose here and if they all walk out they can teach at the private/charter/suburban schools where the former public schoolkids are going to be enrolling. The administration has everything to lose and I don’t see them winning this battle.

Did anyone mention that everyone’s favorite convicted felon, Lonnie Bates, served on the Detroit Public School Board for more than 20 years?

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