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OK, hear’s my take on the Detroit teachers walking out. I think they deserve raises but base them on performance. It’s no secret that 257 Metro Detroit schools failed to meet the federal NO Child Left Behind Standards for the 05′ – 06′ school year.

That is a huge figure and relates to about 47% of the total state failures. Do you think members of the UAW would deserve wage increases if 47% of the cars they make were defective? Would you fly in planes that didn’t meet FAA standards 47% of the time? You see the picture?

I know they have problems like overcrowded classrooms, threats and violence in the schools but where does the responsibility begin when it comes to educating the students? Who stands up for them? Obviously not their educaters.

As you probably know, I am in the bar business and I have to tell you a little story. The teachers took their vote to strike at Cobo Center a week ago on Sunday. After the vote we had a number of them come in for lunch. One of my staff was taking an order from a table of four ladies and they were interested in ordering some pizza. Our waitress could hardly keep from laughing out loud when one of them asked, “How big is a 12′ pizza?” Well, let’s see. . . Is it any wonder??

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  1. Tom (unregistered) on September 7th, 2006 @ 12:22 pm

    I put 150% of the responsibility on the school administration here. It’s not the teacher’s fault that the middle class continues to flee the city. It’s not the teacher’s fault that they have to compete with charter schools and private schools moreso than before. It’s not the teacher’s fault that crime continues to increase while the city continues to cut funding to vital services like police and education/

    More than anything, it is the fault the an inept City Council, Mayor’s Office, and Board of Education that the city has had since the days even before Coleman Young. It also doesn’t help that the State seems to be more than happy to put the “nail in the coffin” of the DPS.

    The policitians of this town have spent the last 30 years pointing fingers at everyone but themselves and this is just another attempt to blame someone, when they’re the ones who had plenty of opportunities to fix things, but didn’t/couldn’t/would’t/aren’t.

    Good Example? Former Superintendent Kenneth Burnley’s $1.8MM security detail (link). I wonder how many schoolbooks that could have purchased?

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