Westland’s Landmark Smokestack Begins to Bite the Dust

el3.jpgWhile it isn’t Detroit, the city of Westland in Metro-Detroit has begun the demolition process of the smokestack that once served the Eloise Hospital & Asylum.

The landmark smokestack has stood since 1924 as a reminder of the Eloise Hospital that sprawled across 100s of acres. The tower had been abandoned along with the adjoining powerhouse for decades. Recently around the beginning of the year, a huge chunk fell off the top of the smokestack.

The country has approved the demolition and it is currently in progress. They are taking it apart brick-by-brick and it should be complete in a few weeks.

It is sad to see a local landmark demolished. The owners (Wayne County) continue to let the other abandoned buildings decay (fire house, bakery, powerhouse), and hardly maintain the occupied Kay Beard Building. I just hope the same fate isn’t given to these buildings.

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