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Why Didn’t We Think of That?

Detroit City Council can take some lessons on ways to bring suburbanites downtown from the city of Milford. Visitors to that village during the holidays will not have to dig for quarters for it’s parking meters.

Village manager Arthur Shufflebarger says they are offering free parking not only to attract customers but also it’s a great way to welcome people to Milford. “Like putting out the Red Carpet.”

Now isn’t that a great idea for Detroit? Instead of writing mass quantities of parking tickets, most of which will never be paid, try throwing a little generosity around. Like Milford, the City could offer free parking on the streets or make the city owned parking structures free during the holidays.

In the operation of my business, I don’t advertise for Wings games because they are coming anyway. However, here in downtown Detroit, that is not always the case and occasional free parking is a creative way to attract visitors.

Detroit’s Second Gift to the World: The Detroit Underground Railroad

Detroit was the last stop to freedom for many slaves between the years 1820 and 1865. The Underground Railroad was a secret organization of anti-slavery supporters who housed slaves across the United States in churches, businesses, and homes. It is estimated that 200 such locations existed in Detroit alone. As Michigan borders Canada, many slaves traveled from the south, through Michigan, to aggregate in Detroit for the final boat ride to freedom across the border. The bravery and vision of the abolitionists of Detroit was a gift to the world in the battle for race equality in North America and is currently a reminder in the continuing battle for racial equality worldwide. Today the Detroit Underground Railroad Monument can be seen along the Detroit Riverwalk at Hart Plaza.

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Detroit’s First Gift to the World: Eastern Market

For the next seven days, the Metroblogging sites around the globe will be unveiling seven gifts their cities can share with the world – one gift a day for seven days. These gifts can be serious, funny or sarcastic. Kicking things off, Metroblogging Detroit begins with an old Detroit favorite: Eastern Market.


Food-fanatic or not, Detroit’s Eastern Market is a hidden gem – a unique city staple we’re lucky to have.

Located on Russell Street near Gratiot, Eastern Market’s vendors and shops offer nutritious, inexpensive selections, plus tasty meats and cheeses, homemade breads, wine, beer, flowers, antiques and so much more.

Sure, other cities have markets – DC even has its own Eastern Market – but how many have been around since 1841?

Detroit Metroblogging: 7 Gifts to the World

Starting today, many Metroblogging sites around the world are unveiling seven gifts their cities can share with the world. Participating cities – London, Berlin, NYC, Los Angeles, Karachi, Montreal, Vancouver, Islamabad and, of course, Detroit – will each post a gift a day from their city for seven straight days.

Each city has its own “gift list” and Detroit’s will be published on this site. If you’d like to see what other cities are offering up to the world, check out this post on L.A.’s site – it’s got a running total of them all.

Back in the D’

Was out of town for Thanksgiving visiting family in NJ and even though my family lives on the Atlantic, it’s still a breath of fresh air when I return to the City. Arriving home tonight, I looked out over Woodward, and it looked so inviting. Christmas tree lights on the Blue Cross Building and, this year, the Penopscot Building is lit up in red and green with the tower lit to appear like another Christmas tree. Grand Circus Park is all lit up as well.

Celebrity Sighting

I was eating dinner at Sala Thai tonight and former Mayor Dennis Archer happened to be sitting a few booths over! Also, Sala Thai is very delicious. I like Thai Basil out on 6 mile and Newburgh (in Livonia) better, but Sala Thai is probably the best thai food in the greater downtown area. It’s in an old firehouse just north of the sheds at Eastern Market.

Turkey Trot!


We were in the Turkey Trot again this year! Only this time, we went a little over the top.



Happy Thanksgiving, Detroit!

Make it a safe and happy one!

Thanksgiving Day Parade Tomorrow

Don’t forget, Detroit’s annual Thanksgiving Day Parade is tomorrow! This will be the 80th birthday of the parade and it is sure to be a good time.

The route starts at Woodward & Mack and end at Woodward & Congress, and will begin at 9:20 am.

Over 80,000 gifts will be given out to parade-goers and some will contain a special golden ticket with a special gift inside.

Just 11 hours to go til start!

Red Cauldron

I am sorry to have missed the tree lighting last week. I was so excited to see it that I drove by Campus Martius last night to take a look. What’s up with the red cauldron?

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