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Happy NYE

Well, Detroit, only four more hours of 2006.
We at Metroblogging Detroit wish all of you a safe and happy New Year’s Eve celebration and a fantastic 2007!

Once in a Lifetime

Don’t know about you but January 2nd will be a bitter sweet day for Detroit Red Wings fans. The club will retire Steve Yzermans jersey in a ceremony before Tuesday nights game against the Mighty Ducks. So many memories over the 22 seasons of his NHL career, spent entirely with the Wings.

#19 will be retired and raised to the rafters to be displayed along side those of Gordie Howe, Ted Lindsay, Alex Delvecchio, Sid Abel and Terry Sawchuk. What a great honor to have your name immortalized with these hockey icons. In his 22 seasons Yzerman played 1,524 games, scored 692 goals with 1.063 assists and won three Stanley Cups in 97′ (after a drought of 42 years), 98 and 02.’

Old meat

Talk about gross…yesterday, the Free Press reported that Roman’s Market in Detroit was raided Thursday evening for allegedly putting new sell-by stickers on meat products that were old. How old? The article says some of the meat was from as far back as 2004.

2004??!! How disgusting!

No plans for the ‘Eve?

If you’re still trying to find out what to do on New Years Eve, don’t fret. Yes, you’re running out of time, but there are plenty of things going on in Detroit and metro Detroit on December 31 so if you want to go out and celebrate, you have your pick of spots. Check out the comprehensive listings at After5, the Detroit Free Press or the Detroit News.

101.1 the WRIF

I was with a radio celeb’ for about a year in 04′ from WRIF who shall remain anonymous. I can tell you first hand there is alot of s— that goes on behind the scenes at a radio station. Station managers are usually viewed as pricks. Not only do they have to worry about Arbatron, who’s company sends out surveys and then ranks the local staions by number of viewers, they deal with scheduling and events. And, oh yea, they deal with egos. Huge egos.

So when you see a big shake up or they change their format, believe me, it is not a dicision made in haste. It’s all about $$$. Lots and lots of $$$$!

97.1 WKRK

Talking about radio, I just read this morning that 97.1 (the local hack talk radio station) fired about half of their on-air personalities. This includes Michelle McKormick from the daytime show and Parker & the Man who ventured over to WKRK from WDFN many moons ago. Apparently, Tom Leykis, is going to be brought back to the late afternoon shift. I used to listen to Leykis (who is syndicated from LA) on my drive home from working afternoons at Somerset when I was in high school. Despite the fact he was a crazy chauvinist, I kind of enjoyed listening to his show.

Count your lucky radio stars

First, let’s just be straight up – I don’t believe in luck, it’s just a saying.

Anyway, in the vein of remembering great things about Detroit and drawing on differences between it and my home-of-choice for the last five-ish years, I am reminded daily while driving around in my car about the fantastic radio market that is Detroit. I know, you might hem and haw if you’re from here and really only listen to Detroit radio, but let me tell you…

… even take the mediocre days of 96.3, or The River, or even FM talk like 97.1 or the likes of a TRUE classic rock station like 94.7 You would just cringe if you heard DC (or, I might add, the majority of other radio markets) radio. It sucks. It’s bad. It’s repetitive and boring, and I can’t find a station on the dial there that doesn’t just constantly play Top 40. I’m a-okay with Top 40 if that’s what you like – but at least get us some options, ya know?

So the next time your scanning and come across even our friendly neighbor’s stations (sorry, but anyone else totally pleased that they can get 94.3 in the northern suburbs?), be thankful that at least there is some choice. Because honestly – and this happens every year – I’ll hear at home in DC in six months what I hear here regularly. There is plenty to love about DC, but I’ve been pretty public before about the radio options not being one of them.

Do you like Detroit radio? Have you given extended chances to other city’s markets? Which are better?

Holiday presents

Bagley.jpg I am so excited – I got a puppy for Christmas! It was a huge surprise and one of the best holiday presents I’ve ever received. Also of note were a couple of Detroit-themed books I’ve been wanting: The Vernors Story by Lawrence Rouch and the Images of America book on Hudson’s.

What about you, dear readers?

Did you get everything on your list this year? Was there anything you really wanted that you didn’t get or any gift that you really love?

Plowshares receives big holiday gift

Leroy – aka Roy – and Julia Richie of Birmingham gave Plowshares Theatre Company something to smile about this holiday season: a $30,000 charitable donation. A portion of the donation will be used to establish an endowment for Plowshares, which opened in 1989.

Kudos to the Ritchie’s for giving away some of their hard-earned money to Plowshares, a non-profit arts organization that seeks to “produce plays and programs that inspire, exhibit, and affirm African American life.”

Gerald Ford dead

Former U.S. President-Gerald R. Ford Jr. died yesterday at age 93. The cause of death has not been confirmed.

Born Leslie Lynch King Jr. in Nebraska, Ford grew up in Grand Rapids with his mother and step-father, later changing his name to Gerald R. Ford Jr. (I had always thought he was adopted, but not so according to this article).

Ford was a star football player for U of M and helped the team win national titles in 1932 and 1933. He turned down offers to play pro ball and attended Yale Law instead; he worked as an assistant coach at Yale while he studied.

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