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Shield’s Pizza to Come Back to The D

A former Detroit icon will be reopening back inside the city limits, this according to a story in the Detroit News, fom Wednesday, January 31st.

it is good to see a new pizza resturant in the city, as selection is somewhat limited, and of course new development is good period. I am happy to see that Shield’s will be located inside the Kales Building, as I always was disappointed to see nothing takeoff at the corner.

Hopefully this can spur development to the west of Grand Circus Park, and get Park Avenue hopping!

Winter Blast Adds Events

The 2007 Detroit Winter Blast, scheduled for Feb. 9-11 has added two new events this year. Retailers in the Renaissance Center, Penobscot Building and the Guardian Building will open their doors during the weekend. They will be offering discounts and promotions as part of the “Shop Detroit” event. Over sixty stores and restaurants will be offering discounts of 15 to 30 percent. Some of them include Traffic Jam, Century Grille, Mexican Village and Seldom Blues.

In addition, organizers said that downtown parking lots agreed to offer parking for $5 during the entire weekend. Winter Blast will be held in the eleven blocks from Campus Martius Park to Greektown. Get the kids dressed warm and head on downtown. You don’t need a Super Bowl to have an excuse to enjoy all the fun.

Tugboats on the Detroit River

I love the tugboats on the Detroit River, with Windsor across the way.

Discussing the Ossian Sweet Trial

Detroit’s Ossian Sweet Trial was the subject of Kevin Boyle’s award winning novel The Arc of Justice. Tonight, Detroit Synergy is hosting a discussion about the Sweet Trial at the Java Exchange (440 Burroughs at Cass) from 6:30 to 8. See you there.

Closing Incinerator = More Jobs?

According to this article, the Detroit City Council Environmental and Recycling Task Force approved a plan which calls for closing Detroit’s trash incinerator in 2009. The creation of 1,000 new jobs is estimated if a 50% recycling rate is reached in Detroit. I wonder at how many jobs will be lost when the incinerator closes, where the trash will be dumped, and what happens when a 50% rate is not reached.

Gladys Knight Tonight

One of my all time favorite Motown recorders is in town tonight. Gladys Knight performs at the Detroit Opera House beginning at 8 p.m. Famous from the 60’s when she was on Motown’s Soul Label, she can still sing like some of her idols, Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. The evening starts out with some her labelmates, Dennis Edwards and The Temptation Revue.

Ticket information or call 248-845-6666.

Blanketed Wells

Finally feels like winter.

What’s In a Name?

Ever wondered why there is a street in the D’ named “John R?” Or who “Woodward” was? Actually John R was a man named John Williams. He was a wealthy land owner, merchant, ran a newspaper and was the president of a bank. He inserted the “R” in his name to distinguish himself from any other John Williams. He loved his family so much that he named another familiar street downtown after his daughter, Elizabeth. Hamtramck’s “Joseph Compau” was John R’s uncle.

After a fire nearly destroyed Detroit in 1805, a man called Judge Augustus Woodward presented a plan to rebuild. He denied naming the street after himself, saying that it “ran towards the woods.” I find it facinating to read about how our streets and freeways were named. I know that Campau was one of the original investors with Henry Ford. Henry wanted to buy out all his partners so he named his 25 year old son, Edsel, as President. The stock plummeted and he then stepped in to disolve them.

Cure for America’s fattest city? Let’s double the number of Dunkin’ Donuts!

Speaking of Super Size Me and Detroit being (I’m not sure if it still is or not) America’s fattest city when the movie was filmed…Dunkin’ Donuts recently announced that they will double their presence in metro Detroit over the next 5 years, bringing the total number of franchises to 60. Great — just what we need!

Even more ironic was the following comment in this article, attributed to the company’s current VP of franchising and new business development:

“We have always had a very loyal customer following in the Detroit market.”


Super Size Detroit

I may very well be the last person on earth to have watched Super Size Me. I would not recommend watching it while you are trying to enjoy your food. Detroit is prominently mentioned as the fattest city in the US (the film was made in 2004). I understand that we have since been surpassed.

Possible explanations:

Economics – McDonalds supplies the tastiest chicken sandwich for a dollar when you would be paying upwards of $5.00 for unprepared breaded chicken at the grocery store.

Lack of convenient groceries – When it is midnight in Detroit the only places that are open are CVS and McDonalds.

Drive-thru – this is the motor city – if we can get to it by car, we’ll purchase it. Perhaps a drive-thru Trader Joe’s is in order – how about a Trader Joe’s at all?

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