NAIAS Press Week

Today the North American International Auto Show, (NAIAS), begins with Press Review, Industry Review and finally the Charity Review, commonly called Black Tie Night, on Friday. I get particularly excited when this event comes along.

Press Week is not open to the public. That comes next week. During this event virtually every car is open to hands on enjoyment. All the super expensive sports cars and exotic luxury automoblles that are roped off to the public can be accessed. It’s always exciting for me to get my cell out and call my son to say, guess where I am? Sitting in an $850,000 Saline GT-40. Oh yea, the fine corintheeeein leeeather!

An enormous amount of money is spent like it’s water by the automobile companies from all over the world. You can imagine who spends the most. That’s right, the big three. The GM booth, (Industry slang for the GM exitbit) costs an estimated $50 million alone. And here’s something you probably didn’t know. Most of the cars that you see at the NAIAS are destroyed after it’s over. Why? Because they have been altered in some way.

For this show and this one alone, cars are hand picked off the line and taken away to be detailed. They remove seams and sand off interior welds. In short they alter the engineering and sometimes safety items to make them look their best. If you bought one later on and got into an accident, a smart lawyer could find out it was changed and sue. Some concept cars are sold to wealthy investors in the loop but most of them are destroyed also. Automobiles for all the other shows like in L.A. or Chicago are driven off of lots and put on the carpet. So you get an idea just how huge this auto show really is.

Later in the week I will share some of the upcoming events with you as the days go by. For now, I have my press pass around my neck and I’m headed out the door.

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