Meter cards

Speaking of Detroit’s parking pay stations and payment methods, I hope this information is outdated, but it appears that the pre-paid meter cards are only available for purchase at the Neighborhood City Hall Central office in the Coleman Young Building.

While I’m only about a half-mile from that office, the trip in total would likely take up 30-45 minutes of spare time that I just don’t have. Just some friendly feedback for the city: I’d be much more likely to buy a pre-paid card if I could purchase it online and have it sent to me in the mail. And, I can’t imagine sales will be very high if they are only available in one location; it’s just not convenient if you park the majority of the time in New Center or Midtown. At first, I thought having them in vending machines in certain buildings might be a good idea, but I don’t know how that would go in terms of theft. Why not make them available at Greater Downtown post offices, though? Or how about branches of the Detroit Public Library near the areas the parking stations are located?

I am also interested to find out whether the pre-paid meter cards have an expiration date (similar to how some gift cards do, where if you don’t use it for a certain period of time, $1 or $2 is subtracted from the balance on the card).

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