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NextEnergy’s positive impact

Detroit may not be the most green city in the country, but thanks to NextEnergy – a fledgling non-profit dedicated to advancing alternative energy technologies – we are improving. Plus, NextEnergy is helping diversify industry in Detroit and the state. To see what NextEnergy has up its sleeve for the future, check out this podcast between WWJ’s Vickie Thomas and NextEnergy’s Jim Croce from this morning. It is a little over 8 minutes.

Finally Joined the YMCA

I am a little late jumping on the YMCA bandwagon, but I did finally do it and I am so pleased with my decision. Mind you, I have been a member for just less than 24 hours at the Boll Family YMCA and have only taken one class so far. You really need only one tour to appreciate the value of this establishment to the city. When I arrived at the front desk yesterday after work, I was one of many vying for attention. A very well dressed man made sure my wait for a tour was as painless as possible. I got a private tour of the facilities and was introduced to one of many staff members. I could not believe how polite each and every one was. At first I was floored by what a well trained staff they had, but then I realized that the difference was that everyone who was using the facilities and working for the facility really wanted to be there. The staff members are a valuable parts of the experience and I look forward to making full use of all the exercise and arts programs available.

View Real-Time Detroit FreewayTraffic on Google-Maps

Today Google Maps now has a new feature for major cities: real-time traffic data. Included in this is Detroit.

Simply go to Google Maps (or click the image to the left to go straight to Detroit), find your destination and click Traffic, and there you have it!
Colors represent the speed ot traffic. The legend is as follows:
* Green: more than 50 miles per hour
* Yellow: 25 – 50 miles per hour
* Red: less than 25 miles per hour
* Gray: no data available

It is obvious that we need more traffic sensors here in the Motor City, but hey, it’s a start!

Only in America

With all this coild weather bearing down on us, it’s nice to think that baseball season is coming up soon. I have been invited to go to Lakeland, Fla with some friends to see the Tigers in training camp. Don’t know if I’ll go or not but when I get baseball feaver I go here for my fix. LOL

Detroit Castle


That would make the lawyers kings and queens.

Farmer Jack on Jefferson Avenue

I am replacing my post earlier today on GP history thanks to Max, who pointed out that Rikkus just posted on it recently : > Thanks for the heads-up, Max.

In its place, I want to address something related to Mollika’s Entertaining in the City post about the lack of grocery stores in Detroit, and that there are few options if you work 9 – 5. I have heard this from a number of other Detroiters and wanted to offer a tip.

While I agree that we need more competition here, for some reason I feel like city-dwellers in the near east and near west area often overlook the Farmer Jack at 11250 East Jefferson.

Honey Bee Market and My Love of Avocados

Upon Kim’s recommendation on entertaining in the city, I did make a trip to Mexican Town to visit Honey Bee Market (2443 Bagley St.). I was not disappointed. The fresh salsa, sour cream, and tortillas – with similar to grocery store prices – have spoiled me to the point where I do not think I can get these items elsewhere. Also, if you like avocados the way I love avocados, you know that it is an expensive habit to have and always a gamble at any given grocery store. At Honey Bee you are paying less and guaranteed a better product due to sheer volume of avocados sold.

Helping the Homeless

Dick Purtan, the ledgendary radio personality is hosting his twentieth annual radioathon today, Friday, to help raise money for the homeless in America. This charity event is held in conjunction with the Salvation Army’s “Bed & Bread: program. A donation as little as $120 will feed a homeless person for a year. $240 will take care of two individuals who would otherwise be without food and shelter.

Last year Purtan raised $1.8 million and his goal is to beat that record this year. Any amount of $$ is appreciated. Call 248-307-1043. The lines are open till’ 10 p.m.

Buying the Top of the People Mover

I attended a meeting at the top of the guardian building and noticed that Mercedes had taken out advertising on the roof of the People Mover. One could clearly read the phone number from the 32nd floor; however, I wonder how many cars Mercedes would have to sell in order to make that ad worthwhile. I wonder as to how many people see this ad per day and wish that I were one of them.

Wana’ Bet?

I am sorry to say that I have never, ever, won a sports bet. I can’t tell you how many times I thought I knew the right answer and came up on the losing end. One time I was actually sitting at a bar watching an NBA game and a friend came in and asked me the score. I told him what I thought I knew and he argued with me. Not really paying attention, I bet him. Guess what? I lost. Talk about llame!!

In those days we would call the Detroit Free Press to settle bets. Now, due to modern science, you can use your BlackBerry to settle those arguments. Connect to Wikepedia via the Internet with your hand held cell and “wallaa,” you get the answer immediately. Me being a little on the dark side, would look it up first and then ask the question. That way I could start working on my return for all those lost wagers.

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