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On Sunday the Cathedral Church of St. Paul will be offering classical music at 4 p.m. Resident artist, Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra and the Collegium Musicum of Eastern Michigan University will be the presenters. This is all part of the Cathedral’s Back Vespers and the program wil include Bach chamber works and organ masterpieces. So now you have a choice. Wrestlemania 23 or Bach!

Love in the Fast Lane

Have you ever been driving down the street and the guy/girl infront of you is on the cell, talking, talking and not paying attention to the road? Dangerous right? If you thought there is too much cell phone/driving going on you are wrong. Now comes SameLane. This company is offering you the chance to call someone you don’t even know.

Say you are in your ride and you see a cute girl or a nice looking guy in another car. If they joined SameLane and registered their license plate number with them, you can dial the number and they will choose whether to answer or not. As a member they will have a bumper sticker or rear window decal announcing that they are in the system. Think EHarmony with a cell phone. The service begins nationwide and in Canada in May and costs $1.99 a minute.


The waterfront community of Harrison Township, just up the river on Lake St. Clair, has come up with a great idea to bring tourist dollars to its business’s. If approved they plan to offer free SMART bus rides from homes and marinas to shopping areas, restaurants, bars and churches. Without getting into the details, this is an idea long overdue in the D’. Wouldn’t it be nice to drive downtown and then know that we have free rides to all areas of the Central Business District, the Cultural Center and possibly even Windsor? With grants from SMART’s Community Parnership Program and money from the transit fund, Detroit would not have to dig into its own pockets. That’s alot cheaper than $200 million to extend the DPM.

Cliff Bells

I know I write about Cliff Bells a lot, but the warmth and class of this venue never loses its shine on me. However, increasing cover charges were not a welcome change this past weekend. I’ve paid nothing to get in before, then three dollars, and last weekend we were up to five. This is still a bargain, but we live in the value city of Detroit, and I still expect to take a mile given an inch.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra

I was lucky enough to have attended the Detroit Symphony Orchestra last weekend on account of my friend’s class – Art in Detroit – she is taking at Wayne State University. I had never actually thought about performed music as a public “display” of art. However, this realization added an interesting dimension to the performance. It was amazing to see the similarities between a night at the symphony and a night at the ballpark. Both are excellent sources of entertainment, where people make friends with everyone around them, see the same faces over and over, and the audience is as big a part of the show as the headlining spectacle itself.

Spring Is Here!

Just kind of delerious tonight. I look out over the D’ this evening and think, what better place to live. Yesterday, with the weather so warm, I had dejavu of being on vacation in some tropical sorroundings. I know it’s hard to believe but Spring is here. Roger Penske’s boys and girls are out after a long cold winter, cleaning up the sidewalks and parks of downtown. The fountain in Grand Circus Park will be up and running in no time. Monday is a national holiday in the City. Comerica has been getting ready for this for several weeks. 700 people applied for 200 new jobs. 2,595,937 Tiger fans filled the stadium in 2006 in 81 games last year and I suspect that about half of that will be downtown for the big game on Monday. I am giddy thinking of listening to the roar of the park from my living room window Monday afternoon. Go Tigers!!!

Home for My Gnome

I have this ridiculous fascination with garden gnomes. Alas, I live in a high-rise condo with no real garden for my gnome. My little urban gnome however will soon have a community garden to visit courtesy of the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit (MOCAD). To be added to the “Garden Helper Mailing List” or if you cannot volunteer your time, but are interested in donating old gardening tools or supplies please send a message to

Detroit’s Future with Rapid Transit

Detroit Synergy is hosting, with Transportation Riders United, “Transit Talk #3: Detroit’s Future with Rapid Transit” tonight, Wednesday, March 28th at 6:30PM at Rowland CafĂ© (inside the Guardian Building). It is worth it merely to sip on coffee in the gorgeously ornate lobby of the Guardian Building. Come and have a say in the future of Detroit’s public transportation. In appropriate fashion, this event is accessible by all DDOT and SMART busses that terminate downtown and by the People Mover Financial Center Station on Larned.

Marygrove and the Importance of Academia

On Sunday I attended the Honors Convocation at Marygrove College where a friend was being recognized. I know that I have mentioned this before, but this campus is gorgeous and just a delightful European oasis in the midst of the most American of cities. The chapel itself is a trove of ornate architectural detail. In Detroit we are lucky to have such academic institutions as Wayne State University, Marygrove College, University of Detroit Mercy, and Wayne County Community College. These institutions attract bright minds from all over the country and world. It is in our best interest to make sure these visitors find as much value in living in the city after their formal education as they did in school. Not only that, students from the area have a chance to interact intellectually with people that they would not otherwise have met.

Boblo and Smoking Rooms

Rick, thank you so much for mentioning the Dossin Museum’s Grand Re-Opening. I had never been before and I was pleasantly surprised. This museum is quaint and charming. As one enters the museum, one finds themselves in a preserved gothic smoking room that was on board the S.S. City of Detroit III. A model replica of the ship and other preserved items are on display. It was delightful to hear stories of Boblo Island in its heyday from visitors who paused in front of the memorabilia. Each story was followed with a sigh expressing disappointment of the loss of the amusement park and its consequent replacement with condos. All in all, it was wonderful to see so many people out on Saturday.

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