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The D’ for $225

Canadian Andy Jonson bought Detroit last September for $45. He sold it in December for $225. I know it’s hard to beleive but those are the facts, at least in the “Monopoly on Sterioids” online world of This part-game, part-Web site, part-investment location is booming in the virtual world. While you can be the mayor, you can also own properties and have real time ads placed there. The money the ad takes in will be partially distributed to you. So far about 6000 cities have been sold worldwide. I am in the process of “buying” the Kales Bulding. I tried for the D’ but it’s off the market. Wise investor. . .

“Do You Luuuv Me?”

Where were you in Sept. 1987? Probably most of you were kids or babys then but I remember one significant event that year. A movie called “Dirty Dancing.” We are coming up on the 20th aniversary of this ledgendary film and it is still as good as the day it was released. Filmed by a company called Vestron who weren’t very successful in the business up to that time, they ponied up $5 mill and hired, then pretty much unknown actors, to make a movie about a middle class young couple who travel to a mountain resort. “Baby” played by Jennifer Grey and “Johnny” played by Patrick Swayze.

For the $5 million investment, the film made more than $170 million world wide and put Vestron up with the big boys. Actually, Val Kilmer, “Heat” and Billy Zane, “Titanic” were originally picked to play Johnny but passed on it. “Nobody puts baby in a corner” is the #98th most popular movie quote. In the scene where Swayze, who is an accomplished dancer, is running his hand down Grey’s arm and she keeps laughing and pissing him off was real. She just couldn’t settle down enough for the cut. the director thought it was funny and left it in.

Kellermans was actually Mountain Lake in Va. and they have all kinds of dirty dancing events during the summer. You can have a party up there just like in the movie and even be the girl who says, “I brought the watermelon.” Gilda Radner was said to have watched this flick everyday as she was dying of cancer just to cheer herself up.

Coming up this week you can see it all in living color on the big screen. The Livonia 20 theater will be showing “Dirty Dancing” at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. The $10 is worth it. You know you will have “I Had the Time of My Life” running though your head all night long.

Belle Isle Nature Run

Tighten your sneakers; tomorrow is the annual “Spring into Nature” run/walk on Belle Isle organized by Detroit Synergy. It is $20 to register on the day of. All proceeds benefit the Belle Isle Nature Zoo, and after the run you can visit the Nature Zoo for free.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights is a funky mod bar in the New Center area. I thought it most certainly would be a rustic lodge type venue, as I was picturing Aurora Borealis, and was pleased to discover its sleek sophistication and edge. Wednesday night, the crowd was sparse, but the chill atmosphere was great and the bar itself was a great discovery. I cannot wait to see what the weekends are like.

Ball Room at the Leland

Not into the Red Wings, Tigers or Pistons but you are into leather, combat boots and ball gags? Hey, even if you are a little curious about erotica, head on over to the Leland Hotel on Bagley this weekend for the Exotica Detroit show. All though I am not into whips and chains, (no, I never let the fat lady with the riding crop bend me over at Space), I have been in Noir Leather in Royal Oak on more than one occasion. Three days of forums, adult workshops, (Mmm) and a huge party Saturday night. Tickets are $5 – $30 available online. I think it’s a given that you will have something to talk about around the water cooler on Monday. Leave your cameras and camera phones at home for the evening events.

Don’t Worry About the Wings’

Let’s get one thing straight right now. The Detroit Red Wings played an awesome game last night. The score does not reflect it but they are the better team and they will take this series. In the confusion of the first period where they both feel each other out, the Sharks got a couple of quick goals. After that the Wings shut them down cold. Without Nik Kronwall, without defenseman Brett Lebda and certainly without Tomas Holmstrom, they allowed only two shots on goal for all of the second period and half of the third! That is incredible against a team like San Jose and goes to show just how talented our boys in red are. They out shot them and had more hits.

Sharks goalie Evgeni Nabakov pales when compared to the Dom’. His career post season stats of .926 saves and 2.00 GA, (which is what happened last night) is incredible. The only athelete that comes close is Patrick Roy. So don’t let the game last night deter you my fellow hockey fans. We can beat these guys. I have only one thing to say to Nabakov for Saturday afternoon. As we used to say in Marine boot camp before we got our asses kicked. . .stand by to recieve the meat!!!

‘Deal or No Deal’ seeks metro Detroiters

The NBC game show Deal or No Deal is headed to the Millenium Centre next weekend in search of metro Detroit contestants for upcoming shows. The open audition runs from 10 am to 1 pm on Saturday, May 5. Interested? Download an application here.

Lodge construction map

Confused about what areas of the Lodge Expressway are totally closed, where M-10 is down to one lane, and where it is only closed on nights and weekends? I know I was. I must not have been listening when the Dodge the Lodge announcement was made in February, because for some reason I have been under the impression that all of it is totally shut down. I was wrong.

Today after discovering this handy map produced by WWJ, I found out that only the area from I-696 to the Davison is totally closed. The portion from the Davison to I-94 is open, but down to one lane (I will continue steering clear of that). But from I-94 to Jefferson, the map notes that the Lodge is open except on nights and weekends – a fact I was not aware of and something I will take advantage of.

BravoBravo at the Opera House

On May 4th the Michigan Opera Theater’s Volunteer Association will host their yearly “BravoBravo” event at the MOT. This is really a great time. More than 40 of the most “trendiest” bars and restaurants will be represented along with artists and musicians. Put on your Sunday go to church outfits and join in the fun. A little pricey but it all goes to charity. Think “wedding reception” for over 1500 guests. If you’ve never been to the Opera House this is an excellent event to get aquainted.

“Freakonomics” Detroit

This morning I was privileged enough to hear Steven Levitt, author of “Freakonomics” speak to a packed house at the Community Arts Building on the campus of Wayne State University. Dr. Levitt is a professor of economics at the University of Chicago. He entertained us with stories of how he received a “2” on his AP Calculus exam, how he had a prostitute teach his class for her hourly rate, and how the study of race is something that largely ignored by the media and rarely undertaken in academics. Levitt was hilarious and endearingly adorable in a professoresque way. I look forward to reading more works by Dr. Levitt and thank him for making academics attractive and relevant to academics and non-academics alike.

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