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Belle Isle at Night

Living in Detroit makes me extremely race conscious. When I didn’t live in the city, the high percentage of black residents was always one of the first things associated with the city. Living here I don’t notice much other than the fact that Indian residents – being Indian myself – seem to be in a minority. It doesn’t bother me, but does make me think. Looking around Belle Isle at night I was surprised to see the majority of the people who braved the night were young immigrant families. Being second generation I know of the strength it took my parents to create a better life for their family in North America. I guess this bravery transfers into ignoring common fears of Detroit. Those who didn’t grow up with things tend to appreciate them more when they encounter them later in life. To those who did grow up with the beauty of Belle Isle, I ask you to look again because you will fall in love with the sunset over the city.

aparently there is something wacky going on in the U.P. these days, eh? there’s an official Bigfoot research crew heading up there to investigate some new clues. get ready to see some grainy, out of focus, fifteen seconds worth of “solid evidence” to surface soon after. this is going to be a short post because i’ve got to track down a gorilla suit and make hotel reservations in Manistique. look for me on YouTube!

Freedom Festival Fireworks Finale Spurs Disappointment

So yesterday I watched the annual fireworks on a nice rooftop in the city. While the show seemed to be an average show (which isn’t a bad thing), a big blast of fireworks came out, and quickly ended about 25 seconds later.

I presumed this was to mark the moment that the grand finale was set to begin. I had my camera ready, and the one shot I had already taken of the quick blast were way overexposed. I was ready for something that never came. It was the end.

Usually finales last for AT LEAST a full minute. Hopefully next year will yield a better finale.

Medical Marijuana


I cannot remember hearing much about the medical marijuana campaign since living in Canada a few years back. From what I understand, the person in the picture was part of a plan to get 330,000 signatures on a petition with a goal of 1000 from the River Days Festival.

Banjo Hootenanny at the Lager House this Friday


This Friday, the Lager House will be hosting Curtis Eller’s American Circus, composed of banjo-player/singer/songwriter Curtis Eller and his band, composed of, well, himself. It’s a one-man show, but an unforgettable one, and promises to be an intimate show for the audience since Eller is known for spending as much time on the floor with the crowd as on the stage (and most of that stage time is spent standing on random pieces of furniture). I saw Eller play in Washington, DC, last year, on the suggestion of a friend who advised, “I’m telling you, pal, you don’t want to miss this show. ”

And now I’m telling you, pals, you don’t want to miss this show.

$5 at the door. For a preview, check out this video and listen to an mp3 at, ahem, the other website to which I contribute ramblings.

The Big Three…time for a change?

the title of this post looks more sinister than it is. i’m not going to start throwing my weight around about the UAW, concessions, health care and that sort of thing because i don’t work in the auto industry and i really have no idea about any of that stuff for i am but a humble retail man with no big business experience. what i’m wondering is if the title “The Big Three” is still relevant? maybe they should now be called “The Local Three” or is it time to (dare i say) include “those other guys“? they are selling just as much product (and in some cases more) than the home team so maybe it’s time to update it to “The Fab Five”? or perhaps this is going to be one of those situations where the name has stuck and will always be used wether it still applies or not. sorta like how Madonna, who has had dozens of hit songs, is always referred to in any media report as the “material girl” (based on one of her songs from the ’80s)…or like how Elvis Presley is called the “king of rock & roll” but blow in a call to WCSX for a request and the chances of hearing Viva Las Vegas on the air are about as slim as getting Jack White to buy another house in Indian Village. the mere mention of something like this has me fearing i’ll disappear into the trunk of a 1977 Coupe DeVille and a dozen years from now someone will be digging up a parking lot after getting tipped off.

Air Guitar

This past weekend, I watched Air Guitar Nation – a documentary film about air guitar competition – at the Detroit Film Theatre. It was hilarious. I recall how silly I thought boys were when I was younger, jumping around on their beds, or being ridiculous around the playground in their Metallica t-shirts. However, it seems that Air Guitar is a legitimate spectator attraction, and it would be interesting to see if it would fly here in Detroit. Last year an American took the world title in the international competition held each year in Finland. Maybe next year’s champion can be from the D.

City Club

City Club is one that I went to for the first time earlier this year. I was back there again this past weekend. This venue is fitted with a bar and dance floor and targeted to the Gothic lifestyle. The place was not particularly packed on either occasion, but it is great that the city caters to minority tastes. While I do not fall into the Goth category in any way, shape, or form, I do own a lot of black and love to dance. This club is friendly and everyone is welcome. I am very much for diversity in all forms and I’m glad that Detroit is a place that allows for alternative expression.

Canadian Geese … in Hawaii?


Aloha from sunny Hawaii, Detroit! I’ve got a few more days on my vacation, but I have a few minutes to chat and wanted to share this picture from my exploration of Waimea Canyon in Kauai.

Does these birds look familiar? If you live in the metro Detroit area, they should.

Weekend to Remember

Well, I have to tell ya’, this was a most exciting weekend to be in the D’! Although I was involved with a sailing regatta on Lake St. Claire on Saturday we returned home that night around nine-ish to find the city packed to the rafters attending all the events downtown. From the fireworks at Comerica to the crowds at the River Days events, it was something to behold. Unfortunately the decision to take Jefferson home instead of the freeway made the trip lengthy. “Jazz on Jefferson” had a section of Jeff’ blocked off. We detoured over to Conner and upon re-entering it was bumper to bumper all the way to the Ren Cen. As a COD, we knew how to go around to make it back to Grand Circus ok.

I was pretty exhausted by that time but upon looking out my widows from home, I just had to say how proud I was to be in the middle of all this. The city never looked so vibrant. Who says Detroit isn’t a great city? We are coming along just fine and the amount of people here this weekend proves it.

Not to miss anything I went to the River Cafe to have dinner on Sunday afternoon. They have a really cool patio just outside and you can view the River Walk from there. My oh my, it looked like the Exodus. For as far as you could see there were people enjoying the evening activities. You want free concerts? You got em’. Got front row seats at the EDS stage and watched the last hour of Mark Chesnutt’s band and, at around 8:30 was right up front to see Joan Jet, (“I love rock and roll. . .put another coin in the juke box baby!”) It was CRAZY and so much damn fun. One of those times where you don’t care what’s happeing anywhere else. You’re in the moment! Cameras all over the place and me holding up my cell for some friends on the other end to hear.

It is shaping up to be quite a week in the D’, Celebrations on the river till’ Wed evening for the Target Fire Works and the Tigers are in town every day beginning tonight against Texas. Get your asses down here. It will be more fun than a human being should be allowed to have.

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