How To Tell You’re Having a Bad Day

I think I’m having a bad day. . .the fire alarms went off this morning. When it goes off a female voice penetrates every apartment saying, “There has been a report of an emergency. Calmly exit the building. Do not use the elevators. Use the stairs.” It keeps repeating until the fire dept. turns it off. I have lived in the Kales for about three years and, in that time, the alarm has gone off on occasion. I always go down the stairs and hang out in Grand Circus Park with other residents until it’s safe to return.

Because of this I decided to take the elevator. I push the button and it arrives. The doors open and water is dripping from the shaft. . .and I smell smoke. I took the stairs. At the sixth floor I notice water pouring from the bottom of the the door that leads to that floor’ I open it and see two inches of water filling the hallway. As I desended there is water leaking its way down at every level. This is not good.

Finally arriving at the lobby, I walked across the street to greet my fellow residents as usual. The DFD has arrived. A fireman reaches for two extinquishers and preceeds to berate his teammate because they are both empty. This can’t be good either. At any rate, it was a small fire, enough to set off the sprinklers in a loft on the sixth floor. Fire’s out but they can’t turn the water off. It’s just gushing and gushing out the door ruining all the lofts at that level. The woman who lives there is going to have a huge surprise when she gets home from work.

Finally they get the water shut off but because the elevators aren’t working I have to climb 18 floors, (hoping I don’t have to call the fire dept. myself when I get to the top), to get back home. I hear that all the floors are trashed below six because of water damage. Geez, I hope no one was coming here for a tour today. To add insult to injury, when I went to stand up after sitting in the park, I reached my hand behind me and it went straight into a pile of dog do-do. LOL Yep, I’m having a bad day.

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  1. son of rakkus (unregistered) on July 26th, 2007 @ 12:19 am

    On the other hand Pop, it’s nice to know that if the same thing happens on the 18th, EVERYONE in the kales will share your pain….

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