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the roof, the roof, the roof is on fire!

sixty thousand volunteers to prevent the city’s residents from burning down the city in which they reside? wow. i’d like to see what would happen next “Angel’s Night” if we, the citizens that don’t commit random acts of crime left the rest of the population to police themselves. do you think it would go straight back to how it was in the late 1980s with close to a thousand arson fires or do you think that we, as a city have grown out of that. one of the volunteers said that they’re no longer catching people and now just making sure the streets are safe. really? and if that’s the case…if the volunteer army has really eliminated the need for themselves on that field then they should be mobilized to police copper thieves next…or car theft…or maybe let them loose to roam the corridors of city hall

Yo Detroit! Step It Up this Saturday!

National Day of Climate Action is this Saturday, November 3, nationwide, and you can and should take part. The Environmental Movement is on the move and this Saturday presents a great chance to stop complaining about how little is being done to curb greenhouse gases and to start doing something about it politically. Communities of environmentally conscious Michiganders are gathering for two events in Warren and two events in Ann Arbor.

Michigan is rich in both natural resources and in natural resource polluters. In order to retain the former, the latter have to change. Unfortunately, the polluting powers that be will need some shoving before they will reform.

Let’s start taking a stand this weekend.

By the way, I just watched Who Killed the Electric Car? this weekend and couldn’t get out of bed for a day I was so depressed afterward. But the next day, I wanted to get out there and do something. This weekend can be the beginning of that “doing something” for me and for you.

MOCAD – Lonely Words

Book City

Wine, books, and good company – I cannot imagine a more delightful evening in the D. Froggy482 – thank you for mentioning Wayne State University Press’s Celebrate Detroit that took place at MOCAD Thursday night. Booklovers were treated to complimentary valet parking, snacked on delicious Detroit fare, and sipped wine with the authors of seven Detroit related books. Heidelberg Project artist Tyree Guyton, photographer Monte Nagler, and world renowned mystery author Loren Estleman were a few of the honored guests. MOCAD’s raw edge in contrast with the elegant décor and company provided the perfect setting for a brilliant literary evening.

Red and purple sky

If you happened to catch the sunset last night, you know it was a rare and beautiful picture of reds and purples. A friend of mine called me to tip me off about it and I went outside and really couldn’t believe my eyes. I’ve seen great sunsets before, but there was something different about this one … I can’t put my finger on exactly what it was, but there was definitely something special about it. For those of you that missed this extraordinary phenomenon, you’re in luck — Flickr’s BarGal had her camera handy. Check it out here.

nothing to do on a Friday night?

how ’bout watchin’ the boob tube. in my opinion “reality” television stopped being interesting (with the exception of Cops) after the second season of the MTVs “The Real World”. that was long before the producers shopped for the “right” controversial characters that they new would butt heads, get it on, get drunk and create drama, they just grabbed a handful of average looking shmoes off the street and let them be the average shmoes they were. not a noticable ratio of white/black, male/female, brunette/blonde, and the token homosexual. when i heard there was a “reality television show writers” strike a a couple years ago it made me laugh. anyway, regardless of what i, or anyone else thinks of that pile of “entertainment” the new show that starts tonight on Fox, the Next Great American Band, has one of the best bands in Detroit listed as one of the contestants. of course i’m talking about The Muggs. not only are they an amazing band they’re a real swell group of guys as well. if you don’t believe it just pop into the Cadieux Cafe where the singer/guitar player Danny Methric, works during the week. i don’t know which episode they’ll be on but show some support if you happen to catch it. on a side note: remember when becoming a star meant working your way up through years of crappy gigs at shady places and hoping that some day your demo would fall into the right hands? it’s really funny now watching all the contestants on these “talent” shows that literally fall apart and think their lives are over because they don’t win. i don’t remember the Beatles, Elvis or Barry Manilow winning a glorified game show and their careers seem to have gone all right, huh?

Words as Art – MOCAD Exhibit

Pumpkins in the City

I love Halloween and one of my favourite things to do during the season is carve pumpkins. The MGM Grand Hotel/Casino has an overwhelming display of giant gourds, but I think they may notice if I lift one. Eastern Market I am sure is an option on Saturday morning. However, HoneyBee Market (La Colmena) in Mexican Village has a great selection of mini pumpkins and grown up pumpkins that I have tapped into for my Pumpkin Carving Party.

Detroit Sunrise


Pro-Musica of Detroit

A few weeks back I had the pleasure of attending a reading with Alexander Suczek former president of Pro-Musica Detroit and author of The Witness of Music: 50 Years of Pro-Musica Detroit published by Marick Press. Pro-Musica is a national organization dedicated to stage up and coming musicians and composers. Pro-Musica Detroit has been up and running in this city for 81 consecutive years. While the New York branch of Pro-Musica went bankrupt and all 20 Pro-Musica organizations across North America dissolved during the years of the depression, the support for new musicians and composers in this city never did. The new season will be presented at the Max M. Fisher Music Center of the Detroit Symphony.

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