where’s the edge?

for the past few weeks Fox 2 news has been running promos for their new “Fox News Edge” saying things like “if you liked Huel Perkins at 10 wait ’til you see him after 11!” and so i waited…expecting “edginess” on par with Marilyn Manson doing Frank Zappa cover songs. the first day i got a bottle of my favorite adult beverage, sat back and waited for the “huel-arity” to begin. what a let down. i don’t know what exactly i was expecting but i was expecting something, anything different. so far it’s nothing more than a rerun of their 10 o’clock broadcast but for the late edition they’re out from behind the desks and standing. is the life of a news anchor so amazingly dull that the simple feat of standing is seen as “on edge”? perhaps o’l Huel is a bit of a boozer which would make it a bit off the wall for him to not only stay conscious for an extra half hour but to have to stay upright, read a prompter and stay focused is the meaning behind the “edge” title. am i missing something? anyone? doing the news without pants…now that’s edgy! or underwater, or while someone shoots ping pong balls at them.

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