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DMC Children’s Hospital needs your help – Vote Online

Please vote for the DMC Children’s Hospital of Michigan – located in Midtown Detroit – to receive a fun center from Colgate. Click on this link, click on Detroit on the map, and submit your vote. Voting took me all of 20 seconds. We are currently neck and neck with Charlotte, NC.

Mayor speaks: reactions

I didn’t think it was possible, but I think I am more angry at the mayor having seen his sorry excuse for a press conference than I was when he was in hiding for a week.

Finally – Mayor to break silence this evening

As a Detroit resident, I have been waiting since last Wednesday for Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick to come out of hiding and break his silence about the Free Press text message investigation.

Finally, a week after the story broke, the mayor will finally address the public. It happens this evening at 7:30. The mayor’s address will be televised on local stations and on WWJ, WJR and WDET.

The mayor will be speaking from his church at 7 Mile and Schaeffer. The public will not be allowed in the church while the mayor gives his speech and he will not give any interviews to media. Top aides assure Kilpatrick will not be resign.

"Party Like a Politician" Contest

Detroit radio station 96.3 WDVD is giving away a trip for two to the Sonnenalp Resort in Vail, Colorado where Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick allegedly partook in an extramarital tryst. You too can live like Kwame by entering the “Party Like a Politician” contest.

Save the Date – Friday February 1st

This Friday, February 1st, Honest John’s (488 Selden, Detroit) will be host to a fundraiser for the Capuchin Soup Kitchen.

This event is clearly up my alley, as it involves a little do-goodery and AND books. Alright, and some food and drink. WSU Press has published a book telling the story of those who have benefitted from the Capuchin Soup Kitchen, “My Name is…Portraits and Table Stories from the Capuchin Soup Kitchen”

As can be evidenced by some previous posts of mine, I will no doubt pimp almost any nonprofit event that crosses my path, especially one that showcases a book as beautiful as this one. CSK is an agency that I’ve gotten familiar with in my normal day-to-day do-goodery (aka: my job) and I definitley I can vouch for the amazingness of their programs. The Detroit News article alone had me teary-eyed in my cubicle, and the rest of the book is well worth the $25. Books will be signed at the event and if you don’t have a copy, no worries, you can pick one up there. Honest John’s will be donating the complete proceeds of the first two hours of the night to the Capuchins. Always looking for an opportunity to have you Friday night Budweiser binge go towards a good cause? Then see you Friday. The event starts at 5:00PM

Dan Deacon at Scrummage University

I got to Scrummage just after 10pm to find a packed performance space full of living, breathing bodies–some sweating, some really sweating–jumping and gyrating to the last few moments of Benny Stoofy‘s set, which I was pretty bummed and baffled to miss since shows at Scrummage rarely start this early. But shows at Scrummage rarely reach beyond legal room capacity either. At least not since Dan Deacon‘s last show.

This time around, Deacon presented Ultimate Reality, a joyous, hyperactive electronic symphony set to a film by collaborator Jimmy Joe Roche that slices and dices, then splices and splashes with effulgent neon colorings the myriad films of the Governator, Arnie Schwarzenegger.

Outsourcing the D Brand: Necessary?

On February 1, 2008 the Detroit Metro Convention & Visitors Bureau will be hosting the D Brand Summit. Detroit like any other commodity is being taken over by branding and marketing companies. This is not new to the revitalization of cities in the states or around the world. Does Detroit need professionals stepping in for the revitalization of this area? Are these companies adequately representing the city? The D Brand Summit will be featuring those who are working on Detroit’s campaign. Discussion will surround tourism and what the D brand can do for individual companies and organizations in the city and its surrounding areas.

Warmer weather … for a few days

Enjoy today and tomorrow, folks. Forecasters are predicting that temperatures will be — gasp — in the 40s!

It all comes to an end on Wednesday, though, when we are again reminded that it is still January in Michigan, and, as such, we shouldn’t expect anything but temperatures in the 20s. Oh well, less than two months until Spring…

is the escalator broken?

when ever i’m confronted with the stairs vs. escalator choice (when they’re next to each other) i always choose the stairs. it’s just such a dumb thing to think that walking up a couple dozen stairs could make a difference in my health but i figure it can’t hurt, right? (not to mention that escalators/elevators are usually jammed full of people while the stairs an nice and roomy.) well, the American Lung Association is holding their second annual fund raiser called Climb Detroit 2 at the Marriott Hotel Renaissance Center on Sunday, February 24th to raise awareness as well as money. last years event had over 300 people and they’re hoping for more this year. for more info check them out here.

Beatty resigns: it’s about time

I felt a sigh of relief today when I came across this headline: “Detroit mayor’s chief of staff resigning amid perjury allegations”. More after the jump.

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