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Your Last Chance to Help Detroit’s Children’s Hospital

I’ve posted a couple of times about Colgate’s contest. We were in the lead all last week, but now Houston has barely bumped us into second, as of today at 11:00am today.

There are only two more days to vote–today and tomorrow. Vote at work and at home–you can vote once a day on every computer you use. Just 5 seconds of your time can bring joy to sick kids and a sense of pride that we do care here in Michigan.

Vote at this address right now and tomorrow:

The contest ends tomorrow. Let’s win this one for Detroit.

Deastro and Javelins at Scrummage Last Night…

didn’t happen. I showed up around 10:15, early enough to catch the first band, usually. Apparently, the place they were going to have the show while they’re between haciendas had a brown-out, and apparently moving it to the old Winder Street location didn’t work out. Too bad. I guess I’ll have to wait until the grande opening at the new place on Davison and Van Dyke.

Since we’re voting on things…

Why not make Detroit a Monopoly city? I know I’d love to play Detroitopoly, so I’ve cast my vote.

Head on over to Monopoly’s website to write in Detroit as a wildcard city.

That’s right – those folks at Monopoly didn’t think enough of The D to place it on their list, so it’s only hope it to qualify for a wildcard spot.

Rollin’ Up the Rim for Tim

Yesterday I had the happiest of mornings despite my being absolutely exhausted rolling into work. When I pulled up to the pick up window at Tim Horton’s I saw the most exciting red and yellow monstrosity of coffee cups being distributed. Yes, it is that time of year again – “Roll Up the Rim to Win” time. Or, as it turns out for me, the most addictive time of year. I am ever so eager to drop my money on the delicious coffee and I always get a bigger size than I can handle on the off chance that a bigger cup means a bigger prize. Amidst the jumble of prized depicted on the cup, there is a prominent “do not litter” symbol for the tree hugging nature in all Canadians – don’t get me started on how an American company now owns a Canadian treasure. is dedicated to the photo-documentation of the atrocity of Tim cup litter across the continent. I’ve said it a million times, but it is about time Detroit city proper got a Tim Horton’s.

Fedde at V

This Sunday Dutch DJ Fedde le Grand will be spinning, with local DJs local DJs Mike Anthony and Tom T, at club V at the MGM Grand, Detroit. As posted on this site, “Put Your Hands Up 4 Detroit” was a worldwide smash on the club scene and daring in video. There is nothing like experiencing the reaction to this song played in Detroit clubs. I cannot imagine what it will be like when le Grand takes stage. I just purchased my tickets via Ticketmaster. I can’t wait to check out the man who put Detroit on the lips of so many and the club that made Nightclub & Bar magazine’s top 100 in 2008.

Free Testing for Lead

McDonald’s and the Detroit Dept. of Health and Wellness Promotion are hosting free lead testing for children 6 and under on Saturday, February 23 from 1-4 pm.

ACT NOW: New Children’s Hospital Fun Center in Detroit UPDATE

I just voted again (as I have been voting daily, since you can vote once every day) for a free children’s fun center to be built in Detroit and we’re a very, very close second now. Since my last post a few days ago, we’ve become neck-and-neck with Houston (boo!). This is closer than the Democratic nomination now, folks, so do your part.

VOTE EVERY DAY UNTIL FEBRUARY 29 to help our kids. Write a reminder on a post-it note and stick it on your monitor at work and home to remember to vote every time your use the internets.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: You can vote once daily from any computer, so please vote every day at least once and tell all of your co-workers, family members, and friends to do the same. If there’s one city that isn’t used to getting freebees, it’s Detroit–we always seem to get things the tough way. Now that there’s an easy way, let’s take advantage.


…and vote every single day. Spread the word.

Small Spaces

In follow up to the discussion for “Open City: Square Feet” I agree with the need for landlords to divide their cavernous spaces in order to attract retail clients. Small, well used spaces are perfect logistically for shopkeepers (in terms of theft control, customer service, clean up, etc.), practical and affordable for owners, and delightful for patrons. My favourite small space in the city is currently the Jazzy Espresso Café at Grand River and Broadway. It cannot be more than 600 square feet, but it has a private loft sitting area, the romance of a staircase, and a great view of street traffic. We need more spaces like this one. Tenants need to be fostered for long term success. Small spaces allow one to get a foothold in the city, with increased success, larger spaces will be in demand. Right now we need small to foster the need for large in the future.

Open City: Square Feet

Open City is a group of entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and supporters of entrepreneurs working together to help foster small businesses in the city of Detroit. Last night’s monthly meeting at Cliff Bells featured properties and businesses for lease and sale around the city. The price range for rentable space ranged from $12-$15/sq.ft., even right downtown. This seems steep for the average person, but is apparently very reasonable for commercial space in comparison to many cities. It was suggested that one could negotiate with landlords for free rent in exchange for making long term improvements to any given space. If you are still skeptical it would do you some good to attend a meeting and get some first hand accounts from Open City members. Meeting amidst the splendor of Cliff Bells is immediate inspiration of success attainable through small business in the city of Detroit.

Suburban Contest Comin’ At Ya…

I was doing my daughterly duty and visiting dear old Mom in Warren today, and by the time I got to her house my brains were loose and I had to run to a mirror to make sure I still had all my teeth.



I’ve seen some really nasty road holes in my travels (8 Mile at the 75 interchange? Yeeow.) but these busters today (VanDyke and 12 Mile – stay away) were seriously rocky. After I finished checking my molars, dear old Mom tells me that if I would have had the foresight to take pictures of the road, I could have won me some free tires. Now, while I’m pretty sure that pulling over and trying to photograph the road in rush hour traffic would have put my grill in more danger than just bouncing along VanDyke, but the lure of free stuff might be worth it.

So, find the worst pothole in Macomb County and go win those things! Head to this gentleman’s website to submit your photo. You’ve got until March 5.

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