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Need something to do?

This weekend? Next?

Well, go find it yourself.

I peeked around a bit on Detroit’s new Metromix site today, and while the layout isn’t my absolute favorite kind of user friendly, it is packed with some good places to check out, and events that are happening in the area. As with most Detroit-happenings sites, the focus is pretty heavy on Downtown (if you’re like me and can’t help but cry “There’s a whole city here!” hit up the Contact button and submit other sites and events for coverage), but there’s enough to keep you busy for quite awhile. These Metromix sites are already running for cities like Chicago and New York, so Detroit’s addition is another baby step toward glamour city status.

It’s no Metroblogging (!), but it is a pretty neat site.

GOLD Fundraiser Schedule at the MOCAD, Saturday Night

MOCAD Gold is a first annual fundraiser for the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit and will feature a broad survey of Detroit bands to play “pop cover songs spanning the last 30 years in their band’s own distinctive style.”

Here’s the line-up:

9:30 – Rabid Eye (ex-Lee Marvin & Genders)
9:45 – Dark Red (ex-Paik, current Chris Turner)
10pm – Esquire
10:15 – Bad Party (ex-White Devil & Tamion 12 Inch)
10:30 – the Silent Years
10:45 – Deastro
11pm – Tyvek
11:15 – the Sisters Lucas
11:30 – the Go
11:45 – T-3 presents

all night – Dee Jay Frankie Banks

MOCAD Gold will include the current Holy Hip-Hop and Re-Fusing Fashion Exhibits. See my review of these exhibits here.

Tickets are $15 for the music part of the evening, with a ritzier early program for $75.

Want Some Free Guitar Lessons, Detroit?

This from my pal, Whalebomb:

I started taking guitar lessons with local Detroit guitarist, Rob Bourassa, about 18 months ago and I cannot believe how much I’ve learned. He has taught me how to play any song I hear, in any key I want to. He makes it very simple and never wastes my time teaching me how to read or write music (reading and writing anything is boring). He teaches you how to play the guitar. He teaches you how to improve playing the guitar. This guy is amazing!

Starting April 1, 2008, you can hit his youtube site and get his first seven lessons for free! These are the seven most important things any guitarist needs to know about playing the guitar. Check out this youtube video where he describes his plan starting April 1st. Become one of his subscribers and you’ll get the most important guitar lessons you’ll ever have in your life. Whether you’ve been playing the guitar for many years or just want to start out, you’d be a fool not to check these FREE lessons out.

Who wouldn’t want to take lessons from a guy that makes this look easy?

Grrr … more white stuff on the way

Just when you think we’re done with winter, we’re slapped with a weather forecast predicting none other than more snow! I don’t know about you, but I have had enough snow for one year (I actually wouldn’t mind if we skipped the snow next year, either).

Needless to say, don’t put away those gloves, scarves and boots just yet; we are likely going to see snow tomorrow, and freezing rain/snow on Thursday and Friday.

It’s still a week away, but the forecast for Opening Day is — gasp! — 50 degrees. Sorry to be skeptical, but I’ll believe it when I see it :)

We are not alone

I first heard about the charges brought against the mayor and Christine Beatty at about 11 this morning. It is now 6:30, and I am already sick of hearing about it. And it has only been 7 and a half hours! This is sure to be headline news around here for some time in the future, so I guess I better prepare myself.

I don’t know why, but it was comforting to come across this AP story and read about cities like Newark and Austin, both of whose mayors are currently embroiled in scandals. Unfortunately, it seems that, like Kwame, neither of these mayors has resigned.

Kilpatrick and Beatty Charged on 1,236,423 counts

I’m just going to link you to the Free Press’s Home page, since this will be changing throughout the day.

This is how you know it’s really bad: I was listening to the press conference on the radio and after one question when Kim Worthy gave a very hard-line answer, I heard in the background one reporter whistle in that way that denotes “Yikes!” or “Yowza!”

Am I the only one who was really hoping that Worthy would come in and tell us that there won’t be any charges as long as Kwame promises to start being the best mayor ever, and then he goes out actually becomes the best mayor ever? That’s what I was hoping. Guess I was wrong.

Your Weekend, Picked

This is what you should do:


Stare Into The Sun, Lightning Love, Emily Rose at Jacoby’s.

I saw Stare Into the Sun and Lightning Love at Blowout and both = awesome. Saw Emily Rose at the Elle and the Fonts CD release show at the Belmont a few weeks hence. Emily Rose, I found, also = awesome.


You will go to this:

Here are rules for going to this (Fourth paragraph down. Be sure to completely skip over paragraphs 1, 2, and 3).


You’ll be here:

So far, I haven’t found anything that says when each band is playing. If you know the schedule, please add it as a comment. I wanna know.



The legendarious Meatmen will play a reunion show–their first in Detroit in a long, long, forevertime–at Small’s. If you love The Meatmen, you’ll be there. If you’ve never heard of The Meatmen, you won’t be there. Tickets on sale here. Opening are Year of the Pig and Millions of Brazilians, a band with this many members: 1,000,000 – 999,997 = x.

Enough, already!

I made my joyous return to Detroit this week, after heading south expecting warmth and instead having to buy up Florida’s supply of sweatshirts, and was re-introduced to my least favorite thing about metro Detroit.

Scandal? Nope! Gas prices.

After forking over a big percentage of my paycheck at the pump, I realized that my measly 7 mile drive to my office is far (far!) less than most people have to travel. I polled some co-workers who live out in exurbia and they admitted to having to fill up every three or so days. At time, this amounted to about two days pay per week! I’m amazed that people out there are working just to be able to afford to drive to work!

I’m blessed with having a bus station right at the end of my street as well as right across from my office. Last summer, when gas prices hit $3.50, I went out an bought a bus pass. I loved not having to weave around traffic, got to read a book while someone else drove, and really fell in love with what little public transportation we have here in Detroit. While I’m kind of a baby about the cold and don’t want to trek even the couple yards to the bus stop, I’m more of a cheapskate than anything else, which means – come tomorrow? Look for me on the Woodward bus. I’ll be the one with the smile on my face, and a book in my lap.

The Woodhouse Day Spa

logo_franchise.jpgThe Woodhouse Day Spa is located on Woodward at Merchants Row.  This location is actually a franchise with the happy coincidence of sharing its root with its street name.  This fancy subterranean spa was a delightful escape, as any spa should be; however, it had the additional bonus of making you forget that you dropped a good sum on its services. 

Getting in was a little difficult as the buzzer was acting up; however, on my way out a second receptionist was posted on ground level.  I was whisked down under Woodward where I was greeted by serene dark wood floors and an overwhelming amount of attention from the receptionist.

I was instructed to lock all my belongings in a wooden cabinet and slipped into a cushy robe and some not so fancy but ergonomic slippers.  I was then taken to the “Quiet Room” where the receptionist introduced the tea she picked out for me – a fragrant peach in case you were wondering.  The “Quiet Room” was lovely with its overstuffed, oversized, damask furniture set on faded Persian rugs.  An Asian influence also ran through the dimly lit room.  There was a selection of magazines; however, Hour Detroit was not included in the collection even though the magazine had named the Woodhouse best spa.  My technician found me wandering the halls – quite embarrassing as she was supposed to fetch me from the Quiet Room – as my inability to relax caused me to be the ridiculous person who wanders after what seemed like too long. 

The entire experience was wonderful, including fetching my car from the complimentary valet at the structure with a car lift next door.  A week after my visit I received a Thank You card with an offer of 10% off my next visit for me and a guest.  I am about to book my next visit.   

Last Night at the Lager House…

This is simply a report. I’m not making any claims to truth–it’s just what I witnessed and heard.

A few bands were playing the Lager last night and one finished their show with some beer bottle tossing and knocked around the stands and equipment a bit. It wasn’t the most courteous way to treat house gear, but they weren’t tossing the Lager’s microphones across the room or anything. Either way, the sound guy shut the stage down and wouldn’t let the last band go on–the place wasn’t full, but it wasn’t empty either, perhaps 30 people were there.

It’s not cool to spontaneously cancel the next act just because the previous band did something the sound guy doesn’t like. That band was booked. Not cool.

So no show goes on. The sound guy starts putting away mic chords and folding stands. I finish my beer and get ready to leave with some friends when some dude walks up asking us for bud. I say “I don’t drink Bud,” and he says, “No, weed.” I say sorry I don’t have any and he asks if I know anyone who does. He’s so persistent that I ask why. He says the sound guy would let his band play only if they could score him some pot.


I don’t know if this is correct. I don’t know if it was just a joke and I was the butt. That’s just what this guy told me. If it’s true, then it’s absolute bullshit.

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