Last Night at the Lager House…

This is simply a report. I’m not making any claims to truth–it’s just what I witnessed and heard.

A few bands were playing the Lager last night and one finished their show with some beer bottle tossing and knocked around the stands and equipment a bit. It wasn’t the most courteous way to treat house gear, but they weren’t tossing the Lager’s microphones across the room or anything. Either way, the sound guy shut the stage down and wouldn’t let the last band go on–the place wasn’t full, but it wasn’t empty either, perhaps 30 people were there.

It’s not cool to spontaneously cancel the next act just because the previous band did something the sound guy doesn’t like. That band was booked. Not cool.

So no show goes on. The sound guy starts putting away mic chords and folding stands. I finish my beer and get ready to leave with some friends when some dude walks up asking us for bud. I say “I don’t drink Bud,” and he says, “No, weed.” I say sorry I don’t have any and he asks if I know anyone who does. He’s so persistent that I ask why. He says the sound guy would let his band play only if they could score him some pot.


I don’t know if this is correct. I don’t know if it was just a joke and I was the butt. That’s just what this guy told me. If it’s true, then it’s absolute bullshit.

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