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The Wonder That Is Zaccaro’s!

I drove on over to the new Zaccaro’s Market on Friday – only to be super embarrassed when I learned that the store, on Watson and Woodward, is less than two blocks from my office, but oh well.

It was so worth the drive. While I still think it’s wacky that the addition of a mere grocery store can drive the Detroit blogosphere into a frenzy, we latch on to what we can get in this fair city.

I ordered my sandwich (very good), strolled around the store (very cute) and checked out some of the merchandise (very nice). This still isn’t the kind of place where I’ll be able to do my weekly (ok, monthly) grocery extravaganza but it’s going to be the place where I run in on the way home and grab something for dinner.

Zaccaro’s has staples like pasta, sauces, dairy, fruit and veggies and then some of the kitschy items that you’d want to find in an upscale grocery store. A coffee bar, some bistro tables, and what looks like it will become a wine room in the rear of the store. And the best part? It’s all pretty reasonable. My fear was that it was going to be a commodity in the area and charge $4 for a box of noodles or something, but I was pleasantly surprised. Of course my favorite item was little single use packets of spices, which will cut down on my buying a bathtub of cumin when I really need a teaspoon, but that’s just me.

I’m definitley going to be a regular at this place. I think I’ll even walk next time.

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