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Target Fireworks

Last night the international sky over the Detroit River hosted the 50th annual fireworks show celebrating the Independence of Canada (July 1st) as well as the Independence of America (July 4th).  I love the beginning of the show when helicopters fly overhead bearing the American and Canadian flags.  Being able to celebrate the country of my birth – Canada – as well as my adopted country at the same time is delightful.  I had the fortune of watching the display from the Riverfront Towers complex to the west of Hart Plaza.  Our complex hosts about 8000 people every year for the event.  Residents are limited to 8 guests each; wristbands are therefore a hot commodity; and the Signature Grille was hosting a ticketed public event as well.  The otherwise peaceful complex took on the feel of college dorms during frosh week complete with a band, outdoor food offerings, with a smattering of drunken shenanigans; thank you “Team Riverfront” for keeping good order.  It was a great party.  My favourite firework of the night was a red star surrounded by a white circle near the end of the show.      

Movement 2008

This is a belated post on Movement 2008 which was held Memorial Day weekend.  This was my first year attending – well last year I was on the inexpensive side of the fence – and I cannot imagine missing the festival in any years to come.  My phat pants were pulled out from my youth for the occasion.  Techno reverberating off the freighters was a novel backdrop to Hart Plaza’s delightful, but ludicrously expensive, playground.  Despite the oppressive heat of the days and the plunge into frigid nights the weekend was wonderful.  Diesel Boy was my favourite performer but watching Moby close out one night was even more awe striking.  The scandalous attire of the Paxahau girls was not even the best people watching; day glow slinkys adorning pigtails and Milla Jovovich’s outfit from the 5th Element were but a few of the novelties sported by festival goers.  A week after the festival I was flying out of Detroit International and proudly spotted a tourist sporting a Detroit Techno Militia shirt.  I have done a modest amount of traveling around the states and the Detroit Techno Militia symbol is one that I have happily seen far and wide.  Techno, be it your thing or not, is something that puts Detroit on the map.  Thank you world for coming out and supporting our city during the Detroit Electronic Music Festival.  We look forward to hosting you in years to come.    

Been awhile…

The internet bugs attacked me, and I haven’t been able to even sign on to Metro Blogging in, well, forever I think.

Lots has happened in the D since this world wide web failed me, but at least this weekend will give me a good opportunity to jump right back in. The Detroit International Festival is happening, on way more streets and way bigger area than I though. Just drive to Midtown and pull over when you see people milling around and white tents set up.

As usual, I’m pretty geeked for the food and drink, but there’s something that will keep everyone busy.

Even hair sculptures. Only in the D, folks…

SWAT team terrorizes Funk Night at the CAID

I wouldn’t be surprised if you haven’t heard about what happened at Funk Night at the CAID last Friday, May 30. Apparently, at 2:20am, a SWAT team charged into the monthly dance party and terrorized everyone there, conducted full body searches, verbally and physically abused the patrons, and impounded every single car, issuing exorbitant and seemingly illegal impound fees ($900).

My sympathies go out to every person innocently involved in this ruckus and I sincerely hope that reporters at the Free Press and the Detroit News get to the bottom of this to let us all know what happened, why a SWAT team was issued a warrant to search the CAID, and what legal actions can be taken for wrong-doing by the city of Detroit. This is not a cut-and-dried case–the CAID may very well be culpable for illegal activities. However, this abuse of power and terrorization of non-violent patrons is both ridiculous and outrageous.

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