Detroit Needs a Hostel: Step One – Announcing the Dream

Pittsburgh thinks Pittsburgh needs a hostel –  They have been successful in rallying the support of 600+ facebook fans, and hold 100+ people fundraisers.   The dream was announced by Nathan in a blog post in 2007:

I think Detroit needs a hostel too.  I wonder how many other people think so.  It looks like we have announced some dreams through:

Metromode has ideas for urban ramblings and how a hostel in the Detroit region could be beneficial.  Readers of the Detroit Free Press suggested an international hostel downtown Detroit.  Metroblogging – that’s me  :0) back in 2007 – expressed the need for a variety of different types of lodging downtown, including hostels.  A Transit Riders United competition finalist designed a hostel around the existing Amtrak Station in New Center.  I love this idea because entrances to cities are so important.  Does Detroit’s entrances make someone want to stay and explore?  

The dream has been put out in the universe.  Now let’s look at reality.  Will a hostel make it in Detroit?  What does it take to build a hostel in Detroit?  Run a hostel in Detroit?  Attract visitors to Hostels in Detroit? 

I don’t know, but I am going to find out one blog post at a time.  If I can’t use this aggregated information, I hope someone can.  Anything you can offer to Detroit hostel dreamers would be much appreciated.  Just comment on any of these hostel posts.    

Potential second steps:

– Envy Pittsburg’s logo and make an attempt at a logo

– Document history of hostels in the city

– Research tourism in the city

– Research laws in the city to get a hostel up and running in the city

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  1. SL (unregistered) on November 9th, 2010 @ 6:00 am

    i believe in hostels and love and share this idea! i was in alaska over the summer and the juneau hostel made my overnight stays to and from my camping destination near skagway so affordable and interesting. i was in detroit a week ago and a hostel stay would have also been so much more affordable and interesting than staying at a budget hotel! detroit is a hidden treasure, a diamond in the rough. it has so many buildings that are just sitting empty and ready for transformation. i don’t know what it takes to start a hostel but i’d imagine the first step is to have a collective voice and brainstorm!

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