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Party at Cobo Joe’s

MGal, Thank you for letting me use your picture, even though it is making me hungry . . .

So, we’ve been posting about the party, but we haven’t really told you what went down Friday night. Thank you Rick for the use of Cobo Joe’s. All of you have passed it a hundred times on the way to a Wings game or a convention at Cobo. If you actually stop in you will find a great bar with some really tasty pizza. Thank you Baliad and MGal for all the planning and rockin’ gift bags stuffed with Detroit stuff. Why didn’t my Sander’s chocolate box come with a chocolate map? Thank you to everyone in the bar who helped us demolish the cake. The evening was topped off with a walk to Campus Martius for the 4th Friday festivities. For those of you who were lurking, make sure to join us next time.

Parking Meters – one step too many

I am going to have to make a correction on my post for the new parking meters. I mentioned that one had to print out a ticket and display it in their dash; however, it turns out that this is merely something done in Toronto. These new meters in Detroit do not seem to require that step.

Brick, how I have missed you . . .

Scarab Club

I am now back in Detroit after nearly a month and a half of living out of a suitcase. I thank the cities of New Orleans, New Delhi, and Palo Alto, California for their hospitality and memories. However, the odd thing I missed the most was the brick buildings. While the southern states are lovely, architecture in stucco just does not hold the same place in my heart that brownstone does.

Birthday Party Teaser


Just a reminder that at tomorrow’s birthday party, you could be the one going home with a gift! There will be gift bag door prizes featuring some snazzy Detroit stuff.

Like what? How about an assortment of Germanck Nuts or some Sanders sauce or even your own Detroit journal. Maybe a coffee cup to use while perusing the Detroit Almanac.

Just one of our ways to say “Thank you” to everyone who has made this past year a success for Detroit Metblogs. And once this storm passes, I am headed to Astoria to pick up our cake. Yum.. Who’s bringing the candle?

Happy Birthday to us!

Don’t forget to join us this Friday at Cobo Joe’s as we celebrate our first year in the Metblogging family.

Details here.

The New Guy

Hello everyone, I just thought I’d introduce myself a neophyte to Metblogs. My name is Tom, I currently reside along North Cass in Midtown. I’ve got a beautiful view of the skyline out my window and am pretty pleased with my digs. I grew up in the northern suburb of Troy (and spent my time working for Rand McNally in the Somerset Collection). After spending the last five years out in East Lansing (at MSU), I returned to Detroit back in February. I currently work as a web applications developer/systems administrator out in Livonia (can you say NO rush-hour traffic!)

I’m still slightly mixed about whether I’d prefer to live here, in midtown, or elsewhere in the Metro area. Both have their pros and cons, but it’s really nice living within walking distance of the Tastefest, the Art Festival, and the other events that go on down here. Things I like about (metro) Detroit? Eastern Market, Ed Love, the Tigers, cheap draft beers,giant industrial complexes, and much more. Things I dislike about (metro) Detroit? Racism, taxes, and auto insurance premiums.

Travel time

Please bear with Metblog Detroit over the next few weeks. Many of us are traveling overseas without regular internet access. As a result, fewer authors will be posting during this time.

Heck, I will be one of those MIA authors as I leave for France this evening. “See you all in two weeks!”

Looking for…

Metblogs Detroit would love to write about the auto industry but … we just don’t know enough about it. If you’re a proud union wrencher with a little wry insight or a big fat chip on his shoulder, we’d love to add you to our mix …

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