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Bands Wave Black Flag for Progressive Change this Saturday Night

When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to effect economic and political change, then that people often have no other choice but to rock you.

The Wayne State Law School Student Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild, an organization “dedicated to the need for basic and progressive change in the structure of our political and economic system,” is having a benefit this Saturday at the Village Idiot Pub on the Eastside of Detroit.

The benefit features an eclectic blend of bands, featuring The Hadituptoheres, The Sons of Adray, and Dan Kennedy.

Each band features either a current student member or alum of the Guild. Five bucks at the door, starts at 9pm. All proceeds go to the Wayne State Law School Chapter of the NLG.

Come out for the music, the drinks, and the social justice.

Detroit: Not a Cool City

But Grand Rapids is. And so is Ann Arbor. And Kalamazoo. And Royal Oak. Even Taylor is a Cool City. But not Detroit. Detroit can be pretty hip, but it’s not Cool.

That’s because Detroit is not one of the Sierra Club’s Cool Cities, a group of cities all over the nation whose mayors have signed the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, pledging to actively reduce carbon emissions and institute energy conserving programs and build energy-efficient buildings in their cities. It’s an initiative that asks mayors to institute changes that will ultimately save millions of dollars in the long run. Sounds like a good idea to me.

Granted, Detroit has a very, very, very long way to go before becoming an environmentally friendly city. It has myriad problems that need solving, but the naysayers must be put to rest sooner or later and Detroit, if it is going to attempt to revitalize and become one of America’s great cities again, must take an active role in becoming more environmentally conscious. Here‘s a copy of the Agreement that Kwame–or the mayor of your particular suburb–should sign.

So please tell him. Here’s Kwame’s phone number and email:

(313) 224-3400

He probably won’t answer, but leave a message and maybe he’ll get back with us.

Yo Detroit! Step It Up this Saturday!

National Day of Climate Action is this Saturday, November 3, nationwide, and you can and should take part. The Environmental Movement is on the move and this Saturday presents a great chance to stop complaining about how little is being done to curb greenhouse gases and to start doing something about it politically. Communities of environmentally conscious Michiganders are gathering for two events in Warren and two events in Ann Arbor.

Michigan is rich in both natural resources and in natural resource polluters. In order to retain the former, the latter have to change. Unfortunately, the polluting powers that be will need some shoving before they will reform.

Let’s start taking a stand this weekend.

By the way, I just watched Who Killed the Electric Car? this weekend and couldn’t get out of bed for a day I was so depressed afterward. But the next day, I wanted to get out there and do something. This weekend can be the beginning of that “doing something” for me and for you.

An Old Name

There has been very little coverage of this recently, which surprises me. During last month’s election, a name familiar to many Detroiters appeared on the ballots for Michigan’s 4th District State Representative. Coleman Young Jr, whose real name is Joel Loving, won the district in a landslide victory.

I wonder if the voters in district 4 (where I voted) even know who or what Coleman Young Jr stands for. According to the Michigan Family Association Voters Guide, Coleman Young Jr’s positions on issues are far more in line with the Republicans than any urban Democrat. Not to mention, his only real connection to Coleman Young Sr. is in his genetics. He has very little political experience (Subway Restaurants & Autozone don’t count) and is totally unqualified.

I’m not a huge fan of Coleman Young Sr, but I read his autobiography and I respect the man. However, Coleman Young Jr. appears to be nothing more than an unqualified fraud who is playing off of his father’s respected name.

Remembering Michael Guido

I was sad to hear that Dearborn Mayor Michael Guido died yesterday.

I didn’t know Mr. Guido personally, but I did know that he was elected, by his peers, as the 64th president of the United States Conference of Mayors in June 2006, and that his leadership led to some wonderful things in Dearborn, such as the $43 million Ford Community & Performing Arts Center and the Dearborn Ice Skating Center.

Celebrity Sighting

I was eating dinner at Sala Thai tonight and former Mayor Dennis Archer happened to be sitting a few booths over! Also, Sala Thai is very delicious. I like Thai Basil out on 6 mile and Newburgh (in Livonia) better, but Sala Thai is probably the best thai food in the greater downtown area. It’s in an old firehouse just north of the sheds at Eastern Market.

Vote Today!

Just a friendly reminder to cast your ballots today. The polls are open until 8 pm, so there’s still plenty of time.

I voted this morning at a precinct on Detroit’s near East side at 9:00 and it was a pleasant and smooth experience. I always take a little sheet with me with the candidates/proposals on it, so I was in and out of there in about 15 minutes. I noticed at least two election officials watching guard over the voting area, but didn’t witness any voters have problems while I was there.

Election 2006

Less than 5 days until Election Day 2006.

Have you decided who you are voting for? If not, check out the Gannett Michigan Voters Guide or Publius. I know I’ve mentioned these site before, but they’re worth another mention because both offer easy ways to find out the races you’ll be voting on.

Time’s running out…

If you want your voice heard on election day but still haven’t registered to vote, you better get on it — and quick.

Vote today!

Today is primary election day in Michigan. I voted on my way to work this morning and timed how long it took me: 13 minutes, and that includes a 200-yard walk to and from my car and the voting area inside the building.

Granted, I did my homework last week so I knew exactly who I was voting for when I got my ballot, but even still – I cannot see it taking longer than 30 minutes to vote in a primary election in Michigan.

No excuses — get out and vote today! The polls close at 8 pm.

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