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Immigration rallies

Watching the news clips of today’s immigration rallies/protests, I could help but noticed the predominantly Hispanic crowd. I realized the US has a large population of Hispanic immigrants (both legal and illegal), but what about all the other immigrants? Is not the United States a melting pot of the world? Does not our heritage stretch to every corner of the world whether we like it or not?

I have read in the papers immigrants from Europe and Asia being told this wasn’t their fight. The immigration laws aren’t just against undocumented Hispanics, but also undocumented Asians and Europeans and Africans and Australians and even Canadians.

I am not suggesting something shouldn’t be done about undocumented immigrants. But I don’t think they are stealing our jobs. Many are doing jobs Americans refuse to do – because it doesn’t pay enough or is beneath them. No matter what someone needs to do the job. Do we need to strengthen our borders, sure. 9/11 proved that, but not everyone is a terrorist, not everyone is a freeloader. We can not judge so indiscriminantly based on where someone comes from.

Detroit’s immigrants have barely raised their voices. If you missed the rallies, you never heard of them. Yet this city was built by immigrants. By those looking for a job. By those willing to do the dirty work. So where is Detroit’s voice in this issue? Why is it so quiet?

Some out of town thoughts on Granholm

I found this here:
“‘If you are somebody who has lost a job, you need to vote for a change.’ That quote belongs to Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm, that Democrat, from November of 2004.

This year, Granholm is facing a stiff challenge from Republican Dick Devos, and it seems she cannot even go to a DC fundraiser for herself at Vernon Jordan’s place without the Michigan Republicans’ “jobs clock” there to remind her that her State is losing one job every 20 minutes.

Quips MRP Chairman Saul Anuzis: ‘I hope the jobs clock sitting outside the fundraiser serves as a reminder to the Governor that in the 2 hours she spends hobnobbing with fellow Democrats, Michigan will lose another 6 jobs.’

Tick, tick, tick, tick… ”

Well put, and well noted.



after scouring the theaters for somethin’ decent to see, i decided to check out a movie called Freedomland, starring Samuel L. Jackson and Julianne Moore… i only went to see it because i didn’t think there was anything better to see, but i’m really glad that i saw it… it was definitely one of the most intense movies i’ve seen in a while… Julianne Moore did an incredible job playing the role of a mentally ill single mother and the film in general did a great job of portraying racial tensions between blacks and whites… during the movie i found myself having many of the same feelings i’ve had while experiencing life in Detroit…

to me, the best part of the movie was how they pointed out that the neglect of children and the neglect of parental responsibilities are what contribute most to many of the urban problems we experience today… hence the title: Freedomland (you’ll have to see it to figure it out)…

go see it!!!

The ONE Campaign need Michigan’s help

For the next 3 weeks, Michigan has an important opportunity to help fight global AIDS and poverty. Congress is considering decisions that could create hope and opportunity for people in the world’s poorest countries and they needs to hear from YOU! Please join me in showing my support and send an email to Senator Debbie Stabenow; one of the most important people in Washington. As a Senator on the Budget Committee, she will help decide how much life-saving assistance the U.S. will give to the world’s poorest countries—and she needs to hear from you. Let’s keep up the positive pressure: Please email Senator Stabenow today!

I did some research and the ONE Campaign is a good group whether you are a conservative or liberal, white black or brown. ONE is a new effort by Americans to rally Americans – ONE by ONE – to fight the emergency of global AIDS and extreme poverty. The ONE Campaign is engaging Americans through a diverse coalition of faith-based and anti-poverty organizers to show the steps people can take, ONE by ONE, to fight global AIDS and poverty.

If you have about 146 seconds, please drop the Senator a line. Thanks.


“They’ll do everything they can to keep the zoo open, unless they want to be like little kids and say they’re taking their ball and bat and going home,” she said.

Barbara-Rose Collins in today’s Freep

So according to Barbara-Rose, it is Kwame who is acting like a child?!? Either this woman has been the victim of gross misquotating over the past few days or she is completely ignorant as to what she says.

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