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Mayor’s State of the City: Your reactions

I had my book club on Tuesday evening during the mayor’s State of the City address, so I didn’t hear it as it was happening, but I hard plenty about it on the local news when I arrived home that evening. The mayor said a lot during the speech, but the biggest hoopla to come out of the night were his remarks that the media is acting like a lynch mob against him and his blatant use of the N-word. (more…)

Freedom Festival Fireworks Finale Spurs Disappointment

So yesterday I watched the annual fireworks on a nice rooftop in the city. While the show seemed to be an average show (which isn’t a bad thing), a big blast of fireworks came out, and quickly ended about 25 seconds later.

I presumed this was to mark the moment that the grand finale was set to begin. I had my camera ready, and the one shot I had already taken of the quick blast were way overexposed. I was ready for something that never came. It was the end.

Usually finales last for AT LEAST a full minute. Hopefully next year will yield a better finale.


A couple of weekends ago while shopping in Eastern Market I was harassed by two homeless men, threatened by one, and witnessed two others using very public places for their bathrooms. Under usual circumstances I give what I can, but these men were particularly viscous and relentless. Now I do not scare easily, but these events left me with such uneasiness that they caused me to lay low in the city for couple of days. I was thinking of what to say about this particular issue, and this is what I have come up with. I do not have any problems with homeless people. I don’t know their stories, or how they came to be in this predicament. Most people fall on hard luck in life and some are not lucky enough to have people around them to help bail them out. That being said, I cannot stand panhandlers. Please have the decency not to harass me when I am walking alone. Please do not name call or threaten me if I don’t have the exact amount of money you have asked for. I can only imagine what people not used to these situations feel when they are only visiting the city; would they return?

Detroit News’ Celebrate Michigan Results

I have been watching the Celebrate Michigan photo contest since the beginning of May. I submitted a few photos early on and watched the progression and addition of photos.

I knew I most likely wouldn’t win, so when they released the winners I was content until I seen what they were. As I clicked the link to view the winner gallery. I was appaled to find that some of the winners were hardly photos at all, in my eyes.Most tone mapped/HDR images are in no way photos in my opinion, as they aren’t natural as the eye would see it. Many of these photos were manipulated in this way, or were photoshopped beyond realism (such as Kevin Cliffords photo, which is more like a painting, then a photo. How can drugged up colors like a purple river ever be acceptable?). In addition to this was a poorly created panorama that was partially underexposed, with seams and vignetting showing. I know photos don’t have to be masterpieces, but some of them don’t capture how the location would look in real life.

Phoographers such as Ryan Southen and Adrian Platts should have ranked higher then many of these photos. First, third, were good photos and are examples of what should have been seen in the winners gallery.

Am I just overreacting, or are fake images giving false impressions of Michigan?


Hello, I thought an introduction would be a good first post. I am a
lifelong Detroiter and Eastsider. I am finishing up my first year at
Wayne State University for Geography and Urban Planning. I love this
city and will spend a lifetime in its service. Music is my passion and
supporting the music scene in the city is one of my favorite pastimes.

Meter cards

Speaking of Detroit’s parking pay stations and payment methods, I hope this information is outdated, but it appears that the pre-paid meter cards are only available for purchase at the Neighborhood City Hall Central office in the Coleman Young Building.

While I’m only about a half-mile from that office, the trip in total would likely take up 30-45 minutes of spare time that I just don’t have. Just some friendly feedback for the city: I’d be much more likely to buy a pre-paid card if I could purchase it online and have it sent to me in the mail. And, I can’t imagine sales will be very high if they are only available in one location; it’s just not convenient if you park the majority of the time in New Center or Midtown. At first, I thought having them in vending machines in certain buildings might be a good idea, but I don’t know how that would go in terms of theft. Why not make them available at Greater Downtown post offices, though? Or how about branches of the Detroit Public Library near the areas the parking stations are located?

I am also interested to find out whether the pre-paid meter cards have an expiration date (similar to how some gift cards do, where if you don’t use it for a certain period of time, $1 or $2 is subtracted from the balance on the card).

Popeyes Illegally Dumping in Local Alley?

DSC_1759.JPGWhile traveling thru an alley located in the the New Center area on Sunday, I stumbled upon a large load of litter, which consists of a few black garbage bags spilling out with discarded cups, lids, bags, and boxes all from Popeyes, a local fast-food eatery that sells chicken.

This leads me to believe that Popeyes has dumped this trash here, at least someone has. In the end, I believe that Popeyes should be responsible for the removal and fines resulting from this littering.

See for yourself everyone! This litter is located in an alley a block away from E.Grand Blvd & Woodward, behind the 3000 block of E. Grand Blvd. The popeyes is located about 2 blocks away.

Lets get answers!

Traffic Nightmare

Hope you didn’t have to go anywhere important this morning, because the rain is causing disaster on the roadways. Twice on my way to work this morning I had to drive through incredibly deep puddles. First, Palmer Rd. in Midtown by the new Art Place Condos was totally flooded out – I had to reverse and do a U-turn on a one way road. Anthony Wayne just before Forest was starting to flood as well.

The newly paved I-96 Westbound was fine this morning but the eastbound lanes were all jammed up. I just got a call from a friend who is stuck on I-75 southbound and apparently the freeway is flooded underneath several of the overpasses. She’s been on the freeway since 6:30 (it’s 8am now) and is only halfway from Troy to New Center.

Time warp

Is it just me or does it feel like it’s at least 10 pm right now? Actually, it feels more like midnight. But, no — it’s only 5:30!

I hate to rant about daylight saving time, or, for you sticklers out there, the end of daylight saving time and the return to standard time – because I know everybody does and it’s kind of a dead issue, but it seems no matter how old I get, I’m still really effected (sp?) by it every year. My mind can’t figure out what the heck is going on.

Not to mention that it gets dark in the D so early now…

Prove it or get over it

Given that I am Tiger fan, I may be a little biased when it comes to the Kenny Rogers dirt fiasco but I’m going to vent my opinions anyway.

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