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Happy Detroit

This morning, I headed over to Eastern Market which was abnormally packed. Usually, I can find a spot pretty easily on Division, but today was nuts. Almost as busy as May, when they have the flowers. Anyway, everyone was in a chipper and happy mood today. The people at Gratiot Market were especially friendly and happy. The workers at Cost Plus Wine were particularly chipper and had my favorite wine! I got back to my building and talked to some of my neighbors and they were in a great mood too!

Then, I headed out to the IKEA in Canton which was abnormally NOT busy and everyone there seemed in a pretty good mood too.

Detroit is just giving me good vibes today. It must be Weather + Tigers 6-0 Win last night + U of M vs MSU game. Not that Detroiters aren’t usually in nice or friendly, but today just had a great vibe around town.

Bathed in sunlight…

After hearing about the personal tragedy of a friend, I was kind of shaken up, so I decided to go for a walk this morning around my neighborhood. The weather today is absolutely gorgeous and comforting, in a way. The air is kind of hazy and seems to just hold the sunlight. I walked around the DIA to John R, then down Ferry St. and back. Each house along Ferry seems to have a story to tell (some literally tell a story with big green historical markers) and it was comforting, in a way, to just think about how many generations of families lived in those houses, how they all fell into disrepair, and the recent renewal of the block.

All-in-all, it’s really comforting when you’re having a hard time with things to walk through a city that has had so much success, failure, renewal, abandonment, happiness, pain, frustration, hope and embodies the soul of America like no other city.

Karras Brothers Tavern

Went to Karras Brothers last night, had a great time. I usually have a problem with bartenders being mean to me, but the bartenders there were really nice and the drink prices are pretty damn good! They don’t have draft beer or allow smoking, but they have a good selection of bottled beer at draft-equivalent prices. Additionally, they have an outdoor patio (on the roof) that is pretty cool.

It’s on Joseph Campau between the river and Jefferson, just take Jefferson east from downtown and hang a right on Jos Campau. Parking is kind of a pain on weekends, but you can probably find a spot down one of the sidestreets.

Best of Detroit

Have a favorite Detroit hangout or restaurant you want everyone to know about? Here’s your chance.

Dally in the Alley : America’s largest block party

I’m writing this the morning after the Dally in the Alley, in rough shape from my drinking last night at the Dally. This is my first year going to the Dally and this, by far, is the most crazy festival of the entire summer and a fabulous was to end it. This was a Detroit Metblogs mini-event as it consisted of Mollika, two of her very nice friends, and I. Read on for my list of the pros and cons of the Dally.

Favorite watering hole?

Last night, I had the opportunity to grab a few drinks during happy hour at McCormick & Schmicks in Troy (next to the Somerset Collection) – definitely my favorite bar in the Metro area. Comfy decor, nice staff, packed after work, great prices on expensive drinks during happy hour, and a $2 barfood menu during happy hour.

What’s your favorite metro Detroit watering hole/drinking establishment?

Channel 4 Fighting Crime

I was sifting through some of the stuff on Channel 4 (WDIV)’s website and stumbled upon the Neighborhood Crime Alert. It’s kind of interesting – they drive around in a van and highlight places in the metro area where crime sprees are happening, such as the truck thefts along the I-696 corridor.

Front Row Center

This Sunday I caught a few minutes of a new show on WDET, Front Row Center. Its a local show hosted by Celeste Headlee and directed right at Detroit. The few minutes I caught were about teaming up the private and public parts of the Eastern Market as well as the future of non-profs in the metro area.

Hoping to find it available as a podcast I went to the website to hear it in full. Unfortunately, it is only available streaming on-demand (I wanted to put it on my portable player), but it is still worth listening to. Last Sunday’s show also talked much about Detroit’s infamous Purple Gang with commentary by a man who grew up with the families.

The show takes on a format similar to Here and Now, but also has a ’round-table’ feel where several experts not only debate on matters but brainstorm and build upon each others ideas. Of course this is all from the one episode I’ve heard so far, but it seems to be a very promising program.

You can hear it Sunday’s 11am-Noon on WDET or in‘s on-demand section.

Motorcity Casino

I’m looking out my window tonight towards the west side of downtown right now, noticing how quickly the Motorcity Casino is going up. They’ve already got the stairwells built to the building’s height and it looks like the steel is being laid for the first five or six stories now. It’s really great to see something being built downtown at such a rapid pace. I can’t see the MGM tower yet, but Old Main is blocking my view (for now). It’s even more encouraging that most of this is being done with Union labor, as is the tradition here in Detroit.

Livonia Rec Center

I had a chance to get a pass this morning at the Livonia Recreation Center. It was built in the last few years, like the YMCA downtown. Wow! What a gym and what a facility! I purchased the business pass since I work in Livonia for $220/year. If any of you readers or bloggers live out on the west side of town or out in the western burbs I highly recommend checking this place out. It’s really a (post-modern?) architectural gem of the Metro Detroit area. It’s located on 5-mile road between Merriman and Farmington Road.

They have a mile long indoor track, a bunch of pools, a million exersize machines, and really nice locker rooms. I went at about 6:45am, it was only slightly busy, and I had no problem finding machines to use.

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