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Pistons/Cavs series

I am really not a sports person in that I do not watch ESPN (except when my husband has it on) and I don’t normally schedule my evenings around sporting events. Except when the Pistons are in the playoffs.

Wings out

Welll, the Wings’ season is over, folks. Once again they were the number 1 seed during the regular season, and once again, they aren’t going to the Stanley Cup Finals. What gives?

Big night for Detroit Sports

Yesterday was a huge night for three of Detroit’s pro sports teams.

In case sports aren’t the first thing on your mind on a Sunday, here’s a recap of Saturday’s Detroit victories: the Wings took the series lead over the San Jose Sharks with a 4-1 win; the Tigers beat out the Royals 7-5 thanks to an 8th inning single by Craig Monroe; and the Pistons — who humiliated the Bulls 95-69 — not-so-subtly reminded Chicago that they don’t need Big Ben to win (er, wallop) another team.

Way to go Detroit! Keep this up and we’ll have three world champ teams this year. Playoff fever is in the air …

Detroit’s Third Gift to the World: The Boys in the Silver Pants

Like that fruitcake that your Aunt Bea gave you or the sweater with the blinking reindeer nose from your Grandma, sometimes people give you crappy presents. Sometimes it’s intentional, like the blender you gave your cousin Larry for his birthday that he gifted back to you and sometimes it’s not embarrassingly accidental. Well, this one is intentional.

Some people say that I am too negative about the city. Some people say that I’m overly sarcastic. However, there is one thing that unites Detroiters in negativity. That thing is the Detroit Lions. Year after year, fans show up in droves to watch another Lions season with dreams of the Superbowl or at least an above 500 season. The Lions tell us that they’re starting fresh – they have some great talent and are going to win this year. However, reality is often different. Usually by the time our annual Thanksgiving game rolls around the Lions are statistically eliminated from the playoffs. In the off-season a coach is sometimes fired (remember the glory days of Wayne Fontes?) , a couple players are traded, and maybe we’ll get some new draft picks to be excited about. The press will get all excited about training camp in Allen Park, people will sell out Ford Field (or the Silverdome back in the day), and the Lions will have yet another losing season.

Therefore, as our third gift, I think we should gift the Lions to a city that hasn’t had a football team yet. Maybe it will cheer them up. There are other metblog cities out there that don’t have NFL teams yet, Portland, Oregon, Orlando, Florida or Austin, Texas. I’m sure they’ll fake enthusiasm when they open the present to find the Lions, like when you got that tie that plays music. They’ll say, “Oh Detroit! You shouldn’t have! I’ve always wanted a football team!” then we’ll get the Lions re-gifted back to us next year.

Turkey Trot!


We were in the Turkey Trot again this year! Only this time, we went a little over the top.

Breaking news: Bo Schembechler dead at 77

If you have yet to check the news today, you are probably unaware that Bo Schembechler died this morning. Schembechler, often considered The Face of Michigan Football, was taping a TV show at WXYZ Channel 7 this morning and collapsed afterward. His doctor noted that the incident was “probably not a heart attack”, that his heart “just stopped working.”

Schembechler, a legend at U of M and in the arena of college sports, had a record of 234-65-8 during his 26 years as a coach. From 1969 – 1989, Bo’s years at Michigan, Schembechler’s record was 194-48-5. He won or tied 13 Big Ten titles, never had a losing season, and was named Big Ten Coach of the Year 7 times.

Bo’s death comes on the eve of the biggest rivalry in college sports, U of M versus Ohio State. The National Championship is on the line, and both teams are undefeated.

Squash in Detroit?

It never ceases to amaze me the amount of things going on in Detroit at any given time.

Today, while browsing through some news stories, I came upon this article about the Motor City Squash Open, which is being held in Detroit as we speak.

Squash in the D? Is this a new tradition? I’m not bashing it, I’ve just never heard about it before. Where is the open held?


now that we’ve had a week to grieve over a World Series loss and be thankful for an awesome TIgers season, the Pistons start the regular season tonight!!!

it’s a little weird not having Ben Wallace around which results in not having the ‘fro be the main marketing scheme, but i think we’ll be fine… actually, i think we’re going to be better… am i crazy??? well, with the way the NBA changed the rules of the game, there’s no way we would’ve kept on winning playing the same style we did in 2004 and that’s what Ben Wallace wanted…

so here’s to another great Pistons season!!! i think they’ll win something like 50 games and eventually win it all (did i really just write that?)… anyone else got some predictions?

Detroit trivia tidbit: Olde English D

Call me a freak for useless trivia, but I love it. This fascination goes even further when it has to do with Detroit. I know there are other Detroit trivia hounds out there, so I’m introducing a new weekly post called Detroit Trivia; I’ll be bringing you a unique fact or piece of information about the D every week. Now, onto the fun…

First up, a little-known fact about the Detroit Tigers‘ Olde English D.

Tigers Unable to ‘Eat Em’ Up’

Unfortunately the Tigers lost to the Saint Louis Cardinals on Friday, with a 4-2 final score. With the Cardinals winning 4 out of 7 games, the series is over and unfortunately the Tigers could not hold the title.

Eat Em’ Up next year maybe?

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