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Tim Horton’s + Detroit = Dream Come True

Well, the weather outside is frightful to say the least.  The river is moving at a snail’s pace, hampered by the sheets of ice that have formed on top of it.  The thought of venturing out is scary, but there is a bigger incentive at hand.  A dream of mine has finally come true, with no doing of mine.  Detroit has its first Tim Horton’s and it is so conveniently located at the Millender Center on the People Mover route.  I had been writhing with jealously for the past few years as locations had popped up all around the city but not yet in the city. Thank you former Detroit Piston Derrick Coleman and his business partner Walter Bender for opening Tim Hortons’ 500th restaurant here in Detroit city.  This particular location took over a space that was abandoned by a Starbucks.  I am now getting greedy, and it would be great if Tim Horton’s could take over the other location abandoned by Starbucks, at the Belle Isle bridge, on Jefferson.  I am about to walk out the door and get myself a cup of deliciousness.  



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